Book Review! MAGIC TOUCH by: Luna Joya

A witch with secrets, her reluctant protector, and a murder to solve. What could possibly go wrong?

Delia Donovan has everything under control.

Keep her family’s magical secrets hidden? No problem.

Rein in her own witchy powers? Easy.

Join a clandestine FBI task force to solve a cold case murder? She’s got it covered.

But ignoring the intense sexual chemistry she has with the cocky jerk who heads her security detail? Well, that’s another story.

The last thing Mark Cavan wants on his team is a supernatural Lawyer Barbie who traipses through crime scenes in designer clothes and stilettos. But he needs a magical asset to solve the case, and Delia is the perfect witch for the job.

He’ll just have to somehow ignore his growing attraction to the infuriating woman. Seems doable…right?

It’s not long before Mark learns there’s more to Delia than meets the eye—and Delia realizes that falling for Mark would be the easiest—and most complicated—thing she’s ever done.

But they’ll need to put their feelings on the back burner if they want to catch the murderer…before they become the next victims.
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Book Review! A COWBOY STATE OF MIND by: Jennie Marts

Scarred and battered loner Zane Taylor has a gift with animals, particularly horses, but he’s at a total loss when it comes to knowing how to handle women. Even though he’s sworn off love, he can’t seem to stay away from Bryn Callahan. He’s known for being a horse whisperer, but can’t seem to find his voice at all where Bryn is concerned.

Bryn Callahan has a heart for strays, but she is through trying to save damaged men. She vows to only date nice guys, which is a category that does not include Zane Taylor. Too bad he’s the only one who sets her pulse racing every time she’s around him.

Starting a horse rescue ranch wasn’t in Bryn’s plan, but try telling that to the assembly of abandoned animals that have found their way to her doorstep. And when a chance encounter with a horse headed for slaughter brings Zane and Bryn together, they find themselves given a chance to save not just the horse, but maybe each other…
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Throw it back retro review! BEAUREGARD AND THE BEAST by: Evie Drae

Champion MMA fighter Adam Littrell is preparing for the biggest fight of his career. If he wins, he’ll add another proverbial notch to his record-breaking title reign. If he loses, he’s on the fast track for retirement. But when he opens the door to a distraction in the form of the nerdy and awkward Bo Wilkins, staying focused becomes a struggle.

Aware of his new employer’s surly reputation, Bo expects to earn the generous salary his position as Adam’s live-in personal assistant offers. However, as chemistry sizzles beneath the guise of an unexpected friendship, Bo discovers the Beast hardly lives up to his name. And when a shared love of books leads them to study for their GEDs together, the possibilities for their future take on a much rosier hue.

But just as their relationship finally finds its footing, an emergency with his sister pulls Bo away and he drops everything. Including Adam.

Until now, Adam believed the most significant fight of his life would be a physical one. But with the defense of his title hanging in the balance and Bo no longer by his side, he makes a grim realization.

His greatest prize can’t be won in the octagon.
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Book Review! BEING CORDIAL by: Meka James

Getting to know your neighbor has its benefits…

Lana Martin does things by the numbers. Thinking choices through with the help of her trusty spreadsheets is how she lives her life. It’s safe, comfortable, logical. A method that never failed her… Until she strayed all because of the annoying neighbor she’s yet to formally meet.

Emilio Ramirez likes to have fun and enjoy himself. Life’s too short for overthinking and second guesses. He thought himself to be friendly, and likeable… Until he crosses paths with his next door neighbor. A woman that seems to have a permanent scowl reserved for him.

Loud music and a dog that doesn’t care about boundaries just may have these two sharing more than a wall.
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Book Review! RAVEN’S GLEN by: Nancy E. Polin

Skylar Donaghue has no memory of the night her parents died. When the perfect career opportunity arises, she ignores her brother’s superstitious warnings, choosing to leave the Choctaw reservation where she grew up and return to the place of her birth.

Widowed and caring for his young daughter, relationships are the last thing on Jack Langham’s mind. A chance encounter finds him intrigued, then captivated by a beautiful, but mysterious, violet-eyed woman and before he realizes it, he’s falling faster than fate may ever allow.

Stephen Donaghue holds the key to that long ago night, but never speaks of it. Now that Skylar is being pulled into the past, he fears its ghosts will darken their future and claim his sister forever…
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A special message for my writerly friends

Working in healthcare during a global pandemic has a way of stripping you of any sort of carefree facade, not gonna lie. Additionally, I think it also confirms the need for us to be nice to one another and do what we can to help each other.

So with both those thoughts in mind, this blog post is going out to any of my fellow authors who happen to stumble across my blog, let’s get real with one another. Writing is hard!

Yes, the actual writing as in getting-words-on-paper is difficult, especially for those like me who are emotional writers and need to wait on the muse to speak before the prose will flow (my pathetic attempt at being pithy, please ignore).

But every step is not without its own stumbling blocks from editing to publishing. We all have that particular part of the journey that is especially daunting to us, but really they are all hills we each have to climb and hiking is hard work!

Of course we do it because we love it and we really love the privilege of sharing our words with others, but it’s also okay to admit that it can be tough to plow through some parts of the trek calling writing.

Because of all that, I wanted to share with you a little bit of help. Marketing is really hard. There are, sadly, a lot of predators out there who want to scam you out of your promotional dollars and will skip away down the creeper path with your money in their pocket and not deliver any services for your investment.

Fortunately I’ve had the privilege of meeting Jackie Shephard through one of my beloved writing friends Luna Joya. Jackie is an awesome human all around, but she also has been supportive and open to helping my personal writing journey. Why is this worth mentioning? Because Jackie offers services and support to all authors and you can peruse her comprehensive packages down below. Lighten your authorly load by contacting Jackie immediately and seeing how this fabulous lady can help you reach your publishing goals.

To contact Jackie Shephard:



Book Review! COFFEE GIRL by: Sophie Sinclair

Mackenzie “Kiki” Forbes finds herself in a pickle.

Either become her snarky sister’s nanny, or move halfway across the country to work as assistant-to-the-stylist of a country music star. Neither job sounds ideal, although bedazzling cowboy boots may be a hell of a lot more interesting than ironing her brother-in-law’s underwear. But life on the road as the errand coffee girl for a sold-out tour leaves much to be desired. That is, until Kiki meets her sinfully sexy new boss’s boss…

Tatum Reed’s career is flying high. He’s up for country music’s Entertainer of the Year and he’s headed out on a nationwide sold-out tour. So why does he feel like it’s all about to implode? His superstar ex-girlfriend seems determined to make his life difficult, his opening act is a handful, and the new girl on his tour, the feisty brunette, is quickly getting under his skin. In this crazy world of showbusiness Tatum needs to learn who he can trust, but that doesn’t come easily, because the one person who holds all the cards may just throw them down and walk away.

Life in the public eye is never all it’s cracked up to be, which has both Kiki and Tatum questioning what they’re really doing with their careers, and their hearts.
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Book Review! THE ROSE CONTRACT by: Scottie Kaye

Raena Barren was born with a secret: of all the magic users in the kingdom of Soma, she is the only one who can hide her power. As a child, she used this magic to help her survive on the streets–until she saved the life of a strange boy called Jorr Portent. He rewarded her with a job in the castle of Soma–and Raena spent the next ten years falling in love with him. 

But while Raena’s life as a servant is sheltered, Jorr’s world is one of spies and assassins. When Raena comes of age, their paths will diverge forever… unless Raena can earn a place by his side. To become one of Jorr’s operatives, however, Raena must get to know her own body, and outsmart the deadly people around her. She must also sell her innocence to whatever man pays the most… even if that man can’t be Jorr.
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Book Review! ONCE BLESSED, THRICE CURSED by: Coralie Moss

In this first book of the Sister Witches Urban Fantasy series, Clementine Brodeur must unknot her dead mother’s tangled legacy before the clock runs out…

I’m Clementine, youngest of three sisters, and my magic is making me lose sleep.
I see memories the dead leave behind.
Which becomes painful when those memories belong to my mother.

Alderose, Beryl, and I need clues to find someone our mother protected. But viewing Mom’s memories–caught in story threads only I can see–will force me to experience the moment she was attacked by the Fae.

I know I can find my way through this.
However, my sisters don’t like my history of “leap now, look later” escapades.
They’ve had my back for over twenty years. Why wouldn’t they have it now?

The reality is we have forty-eight hours to find someone our talented mother could not.
If we don’t succeed, someone’s going to die.

And the story threads refuse to reveal if the one who will die is one of us.

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Book Review! GRAVE FORTUNE by: Nancy E. Polin

Gifts are not always welcome…

The accident which claimed her husband’s life left Dana Chambers with a unique ability.

Gifts are not always beautiful…

A long ago promise puts Alex Kelly in the reluctant role of guide and protector.

Gifts cannot always been returned…

270 years of life is more than Joseph ever wanted, but the long road may have just become a bit more interesting.

For some gifts are destined to evolve…

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