Book Review! BEING CORDIAL by: Meka James

Getting to know your neighbor has its benefits…

Lana Martin does things by the numbers. Thinking choices through with the help of her trusty spreadsheets is how she lives her life. It’s safe, comfortable, logical. A method that never failed her… Until she strayed all because of the annoying neighbor she’s yet to formally meet.

Emilio Ramirez likes to have fun and enjoy himself. Life’s too short for overthinking and second guesses. He thought himself to be friendly, and likeable… Until he crosses paths with his next door neighbor. A woman that seems to have a permanent scowl reserved for him.

Loud music and a dog that doesn’t care about boundaries just may have these two sharing more than a wall.

Happy Wednesday, my darlings! Each and every time I read I am super excited to be able to pop on here and give my thoughts as well as share some new books with you, but today it’s like my normal excessive Tigger-like energy is on a deadly combination of steroids and caffeine because you NEED to know about this story.

Being Cordial is the third book in the Desert Rose series by Meka James (check out Being Neighborly and Being Hospitable if you haven’t yet had the pleasure) and is the short, fun, sexy read you need in your life immediately. Especially with the current condition of the world, all romance books with their guaranteed happily ever afters are a staple in our mental and emotional diets, but something you can quickly devour and get the pick-me-up that you need? That redefines essential.

Emilio and Lana are about as opposite as you can get. Lana plays by the rules and examines everything from every angle before making any decision. Unfortunately this resulted in her losing out on the end unit she wanted when carefree, living-for-the-moment Emilio swoops in and snatches it up. Instead Lana is now relegated to sharing a wall with the annoyingly sexy man and his loud, thumping music.

But fate steps in and delivers the blue screen of death to Lana’s laptop just as she is in the middle of a big work project. And the closest and fastest repairman just so happens to be the guy on the other side of the wall who manages to get under her skin without even trying.

For Lana and Emilio a broken laptop is the gateway to finding mutual interests and indulging in their lusty attraction to each other. But is mind-blowing sex and a few laughs enough to soften Lana’s prickly attitude toward her boisterous, effervescent, and fun-loving neighbor?

Preorder Being Cordial today and get a nice little smexy gift dropped into your ereader on May 8th when this tasty read goes live!

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