Book Review! MAGIC TOUCH by: Luna Joya

A witch with secrets, her reluctant protector, and a murder to solve. What could possibly go wrong?

Delia Donovan has everything under control.

Keep her family’s magical secrets hidden? No problem.

Rein in her own witchy powers? Easy.

Join a clandestine FBI task force to solve a cold case murder? She’s got it covered.

But ignoring the intense sexual chemistry she has with the cocky jerk who heads her security detail? Well, that’s another story.

The last thing Mark Cavan wants on his team is a supernatural Lawyer Barbie who traipses through crime scenes in designer clothes and stilettos. But he needs a magical asset to solve the case, and Delia is the perfect witch for the job.

He’ll just have to somehow ignore his growing attraction to the infuriating woman. Seems doable…right?

It’s not long before Mark learns there’s more to Delia than meets the eye—and Delia realizes that falling for Mark would be the easiest—and most complicated—thing she’s ever done.

But they’ll need to put their feelings on the back burner if they want to catch the murderer…before they become the next victims.

Happy Wednesday, darlings! Today’s hump day read is one I am SUPER excited to share. Let’s be real, everyone loves a good series and this girl is no different. I’ve already had the extreme pleasure of reading and sharing my review of book one, Tides of Time with you guys, but now book 2 is out in the universe and we need to dive into this review because it’s gonna be a DEEP one.

If you haven’t read Luna’s debut (and book one in this amazing series) Tides of Time, skip your happy little hind end over to Amazon and one click that right now. Especially while it is listed as free for a limited time. You do NOT need to read it first to be able to follow Magic Touch, but you just need to experience this brilliance in writing because Ms. Joya is fabulous author fully deserving of a binge read.

I have weird tastes. I am NOT a fan of the uber popular alpha asshole characters, but give me a prickly female lead and a slightly cocky male character and I am picking my tongue up off the floor. Here’s the thing, excessive confidence that slightly borders on arrogance is hot as Hades and I will stand by that opinion forever.

With that, I introduce Delia and Mark. So Delia comes off as a total Ice Queen (legit, that’s her nickname) but she’s a barracuda in the courtroom. She takes the toughest of cases and, more often than not, makes sure justice is delivered swiftly and decisively. But she also has this whole touch issue that makes her comes off as cold and distant.

Her character type is one I love the most. A nearly impenetrable outer shell with a heart of absolute gold beneath. Delia is, far and away, not an Ice Queen. She is caring, compassionate, and merely has some magic powers she has to control hence the touch thing.

Yep. Our girl is a witch and her particular powers are of the psychometric variety. She gets the history of an object (or person) by touch and experiences events through their eyes.

Oh yeah and she can control air too. No big deal.

But let’s talk about Mark because, listen, if we don’t even go any deeper than the cover, I am all in for Mark. He is 100% my type rocking that tall, dark, and tatted thing like a BOSS. He also carries that slightly cocky swagger with a side dish of broken that I positively can’t resist. Yes, folks, Mark Cavan is totally my catnip.

And their chemistry is simply OFF THE CHARTS HOT. Seriously from their first encounter which was ANYTHING but sexy, they really set the stage with all the sexually charged energy that is too hot to handle.

Now, I don’t want to delve too deep into the plot because with suspenseful stories, I hate to give spoilers. Magic Touch follows the same fantastic world-building that Ms. Joya has made me expect as a dedicated reader. She also, once again, has managed to make a villain in Perry that I equally hated and was sympathetic toward. His story is sooooo intriguing and I have my fingers crossed that he gets his own redemptive HEA one day.

Any paranormal romance or fantasy lover would love any of the books in The Legacy series, but I would encourage you to try out Ms. Joya’s works if you’re not normally a fan of those genres. Her writing is transcendent and delicious and would appeal to a wide variety of book lovers.

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