To Clementine Wicke, there is no greater tragedy than tearing down a historic building. So when Prince Edward Ashton asks for her assistance restoring an old country castle, she’s beyond eager to help—even though Edward’s love of modern architecture and disdain for everything old is more than a little annoying. The upside is that this is the job of a lifetime, one that will really boost her family’s architectural salvage business. The downside? Working beside an infuriatingly attractive billionaire prince. Nothing can divert Clementine away from her goal to restore the castle. Not Prince Edward’s total hotness. Or his searing kisses. Or the fact she’s starting to fall for him. Big time.

Though Clementine is gorgeous, she’s also the most stubborn, opinionated, frustrating woman Edward has ever had to deal with. Yet when she’s not at the castle working by his side, the place feels decidedly…empty. When their mutual attraction ultimately becomes impossible to ignore, the two succumb to their growing passion—and a new understanding of each other’s perspective. Edward finds himself doing something he’d never expected: learning to appreciate the past and the woman who inspires him.

But when an unforeseen problem with the remodeling puts their new relationship to the test, both Clementine and Edward will have to discover just how much they mean to each other, or risk giving up the love they have forever…

Happy hump day, darlings!

I am always excited to be able to come here and share my latest reads and newest loves with you guys, but this one has me slightly over the top with my excitement. And if you know me personally you know that my base level is that of Tigger on a double shot of espresso so when I say I’m over the top that is REALLY saying something.

Leslie North is an author I have come to love more and more with every book I read from her so when I saw this pop up on NetGalley I immediately requested.

Edward is the slightly suffocating prince of Sovalon and next in line to inherit the kingdom should anything happen to his father the King. Just a tiiiiiiiiiiny bit of pressure. And for the most part Edward love every moment, but part of him just wants to have a modicum of normalcy. Especially at the period of time where we meet him when he is continuously seen in a not-so-great light with certain parts of the population. Specifically the ones who are champions of the history of their nation, something they feel Edward doesn’t respect when he plans to pave paradise to put up a parking lot (or, more accurately, an old, rundown school house in favor of high rise condominiums). In an effort to prove them wrong, and for his own personal attachment, he works to accurately restore his aunt’s aging estate to it’s ancient glory.

Enter Clementine Wicke aka Clem. She’s been raised immersed in the wonders of antiques and vintage collectibles working right along side her father and uncle in a salvage business that rescues artifacts of questionable worth, polishing them up to a beautiful shine, and finding them new homes with owners that cherish the past as much as the present.

When Edward, sort of literally, stumbles upon Clem she is the answer to a wish he hadn’t realized he made. As a barrage of questions from contractors wanting his decisions on the restoration process for historical accuracy abound as well as rapidly declining public opinion and a local historical society requiring he finish the job months sooner than planned, Edward reaches out to Clem for help…

And a little more.

One thing I love most about Leslie’s books is that I know when I reach for a Leslie North title I’ll find an adorable couple, low angst, and a happy sigh inducing happily ever after. All wrapped up in the perfectly sized morsel I can devour in an evening.

This story is the break from a chaotic reality I am certain we all need.

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