The author, the reader, the hopeless coffee addict

Science tells us humans are made of 60% water. For me, that would be more like 60% coffee, 10% chocolate, mixed with equal parts sarcasm and dirty jokes.

Forever in love with the written word – whether reading or writing – I have a special affinity for romances with saccharine sweet HEAs. Bonus points if there is a puppy. From sweet & adorable to smutty & salacious I will greedily devour them all.

If you’re an author with a book you want reviewed, across nearly any genre – but romance is my heart (insert disgusting heart eyes here) and chances are it’ll make me super giddy – contact me for an honest & fair book review. If you simply find me charming and delightful, feel free to drop a line too. But if you think I’m obnoxious and chatty, well that line forms to the left and the support group meets on Thursdays at 7:00 pm in the library .

Book Review Schedule!

I have monthly themes to correlate with my book reviews. If you want to suggest a story you feel fits with a theme, drop me a line via my contact page with some information and I will get right back to you.

March – Women’s History Month/Irish-American Heritage Month (bonus points if you hit both in one book!)

April – Humor Month (all about the rom-coms)

May – Mental Health Month (no stories that vilify those who struggle with mental health, please)

June – Pride Month (give me all your MM/FF/bisexual/ace/trans stories!)

July – Patriotic Month (Canada Day is on the 1st, Fourth of July is… well the 4th, so I want to see those books that celebrate their countries!)

August – Romance Awareness Month (awwww yeah, boi!)

September – Dedicated to my cousin, sorry folks, all recommendations are claimed for this month. It’s my birthday gift to her, telling me what to do.

October – Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month (any and all cuddly stories which contain a beloved canine are welcome. No harming of animals will be tolerated though)

November – Native American Heritage Month (send me indigenous heroes and heroines for me to gush all over)

December – Holiday stories, of course! (Don’t limit yourselves folks, this is not a Christmas only thing. Share with me your Hanukkah stories, your Kwanzaa stories, your ‘I hate the holidays’ stories. Give ’em all to me!)