A Girl’s Dream Come True ~ Book Review

Imagine being with a man who’d take a job just to make your dreams come true? Haley O’Brien doesn’t have to imagine. She’s got one!

Several months after Joel’s assault, he whisks Haley off to Europe. Their dream begins in Paris, the City of Light. While Joel films his new series, Haley spends her days with him on set, or traveling down the rues and boulevards, sampling local and international cuisine, taking in the sights, and experiencing everything that the Continent has to offer. Despite a few setbacks and the constant, annoying presence of Caroline, Joel’s former girlfriend, Haley’s on Cloud Nine. That is until an out-of-control car tries to run her over.

A series of ill-timed mishaps quickly escalates and soon, Haley’s spooked and Joel’s convinced that someone close to them is trying to hurt her to get her out of the way. Scared for Haley’s life, Joel agrees to be a part of a plan meant to trap the person who has it out for the woman he loves. Little does he know that the plan works too well and things royally backfire.

Find out what happens in A Girl’s Dream Come True. Book Two in the A Girl Gone Crazy series!

A Girl’s Dream Come True ends with a cliffhanger and is the second book in the A Girl Gone Crazy series.

For my review of Book One in this series: https://ameliafosterauthor.com/2020/10/21/a-girl-gone-crazy-by-becca-baldwin-book-review/

A Girl Gone Crazy was a funny, mostly lighthearted read and it was the fun entertainment I needed. I will admit I was caught off guard with A Girl’s Dream Come True. This is a much heavier, angstier read. Danger, threats, and secrets abound in this installment of the Girl Gone Crazy series.

Joel has recovered (well mostly) from his mugging and he and Haley move to Paris so that Joel can start work on his new cooking show. This is a fateful decision because things start happening to both Haley and Joel. Danger and tragedy seem to lurk around every corner and nearly every situation seems to point the proverbial finger at Joel’s ex Caroline… who still very clearly wants to be a part of Joel’s life.

In an effort to keep Haley safe, the woman who owns his heart and whose wellbeing he will always put above his own, Joel brainstorms an idea that will eliminate the threats following Haley… but what he thinks is a brilliant idea is one that is practically guaranteed to end their story without a “happily ever after.”

Warning: This story does end in a cliffhanger, but the third book in the series will be out in January and I have all the things crossed that we will finally see Joel and Haley get their full HEA rather than their previous HFN.

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