A Girl Gone Crazy by: Becca Baldwin ~ Book Review

Haley O’Brien spends her days working for an ogre that can’t be bothered to remember her name, running everybody’s errands, and gossiping over coffee with her best friend. Her nights and her fantasies belong to the hottest chef in the world. Too bad he doesn’t know she exists…or does he?

Joel Alexander has sworn off women. After a disastrous relationship that nearly ruined his career, Joel certainly wasn’t looking to fall in love, until he saw her…

​After an unfortunate accident brings them together, Haley and Joel set off on a blazing trail of love, passion, sex, and friendship. However, someone close to them wants to tear them apart. Someone who will do anything to separate them. Someone who’s determined to let nothing stand in their way.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! This week our book review is from a new to me author that I can’t wait to share with you.

A Girl Gone Crazy features possibly one of the most relatable heroines I’ve ever come in contact with. Not only does everyone in my day job say my name and demand/request help so many times in a workday that I have considered changing my name, but I completely understand her feelings of constantly being a disappointment to those you love the most and thinking that you have always juuuuuuust missed the mark when playing this game we call life.

And I’ve had my fair share of inappropriate crushes on TV stars (I mean, have you watched Property Brothers???). Although I’ve never actually met a single one of them.

Haley is doing her thing and trying to live her best life in spite of all her feelings and family drama when life throws her a massive curve ball in the form of linguine and clam sauce that lands all over her and her awesome thrift store score of a dress. But that disaster led Haley to meet her reality TV crush and actually get to spend time with him.

A Girl Gone Crazy is about 85% a light hearted, easy read with just a touch of suspense thrown in later in the book which just gives of a taste of fame and fortune having a dark trade off. Not everything is as rosy as it seems for celebrities all the time.

I am super excited that this delicious little book is the first in a series! Grab your copy today for only 99 cents or for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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