Book Review! HIDDEN by: T.K. Barber


After the botched rescue attempt of girlfriend Annalise nearly cost him his life, Thomas Valentine finds himself under secret, protective care from an unlikely source, and his crippling desire to see Annalise, despite orders not to, unknowingly places her in danger.

All Annalise wants is to push past the trauma of her imprisonment, move on, and keep Thomas alive in her memory while clinging to a thread of “normal.” Those plans shatter the instant they’re reunited, and the young lovers are shoved deep into a sinister plot that claws at their fragile minds and tender hearts.

When Thomas’s life and morality hang in the balance, Annalise makes a dangerous play to rescue him from the ghosts of his past and the one person he wants nothing more than to please.

And with dynasties now on the line, the family leaders make deceptive moves to end their rivalry once and for all, using any means necessary.

Happy Wednesday, darlings! This week’s review is the second in a series and if you want to check out my review of the first book, pop on over here.

So this is going to be one of those, “Where the heck do I start?” kind of reviews for a bunch of reasons. Hidden is the next in the Twin Bay Saga series and I will tell you that most of these books can fully function as standalones, however Held and Hidden can NOT and absolutely must be read in order so if you haven’t read Held yet, please start there, then come back and read my Hidden review.

Okay, now, for those who HAVE read Held… there is still a lot I can’t say. Yeah, I know. Sue me. Here’s the thing, Held and Hidden are both deeply enmeshed in the romantic suspense world where giving too much information could basically ruin the entire experience for you. And the works of Ms. Barber absolutely should not be ruined. She weaves a rich (and in the case of the Twin Bay Saga series, a dark one!) world with luscious descriptions and great world building that pulls you right in with the characters.

Speaking of the characters… Ms. Barber creates dazzling ones that are multi-dimensional. Which is slightly problematic when those dimensions include a not-super-clear picture of who should be afraid of. Listen people, the enemy you thought you knew from Held? Yeah, it ain’t that easy because… #reasons.

As in Held, even our leading characters that you love and are rooting for are a bit on the morally gray scale. And let’s be honest here people, that’s life. No one is wholly good or wholly bad, we are all a spectrum of rights and wrongs, just as Ms. Barber’s characters. I mean, granted, I’ve never been employed by the mafia, but YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’D DO IN THEIR PLACE! And some people are just born into it with no way out.

But the end… oh friends… the ending will leave you with a shift in power and hierarchy that may make you fall in love with the mafia.

If you love multi-POV romantic suspense with morally gray characters and questionable antagonists (I mean, seriously, stop me when you hear something there you don’t love) you should check out Hidden ASAP!

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