Book Review! HELD by: T.K. Barber


Nick doesn’t want to be a hitman. The mobsters holding his younger sister hostage have other plans. With the threat of her death looming, Nick’s only option is to follow orders. Repeatedly.

Getting mugged isn’t on Scarlet’s agenda when her janky car breaks down, and she opts to walk home rather than pony up for a cab. But being rescued by a dreamy, brooding, knight-in-shining-hoodie almost makes up for it.

Nick’s decision to step out of the bloody shadows and be her hero has dire consequences, shifting pieces in a sick game and setting into motion a plan that’s decades in the making.

With their smoldering chemistry impossible to fight, Nick’s midnight murder trail is at risk of exposure. And wanting what he shouldn’t have could put his heart as the next target, or his loved ones in the crosshairs of a mad-man.

Happy Wednesday beauties! Today I have a fast-paced, dark, and gritty romantic suspense that has just been released and you can pick up hot off the presses today!

HELD is the first in the Twin Bay Saga series that focuses on a mob run town that is occupied by not one, but two rival families. And when I say rival I mean this is a long, deep, and twisted battle between the two that takes NO prisoners. No one is safe from the corruption and devious minds of those in charge.

Unfortunately for Scarlet, she finds this out first hand when she gets mugged one night. Fortunately this turn of events brings a sexy hero to her rescue. The mysterious stranger saves her from a potentially horrible fate and entices her in a way she never expected.

But Scarlet’s hero is a rather tortured soul and even though he is completely attracted to his damsel in distress, he knows the complications and dirty reality of his life are far too much for her to be burdened with. So he pushes her away.

Fate, in the form of a rather sinister villain, steps in and not only throws Scarlet and Nick on the path to each other over and over with each interaction steadily growing as the threat surrounding them intensified. Even though the only other woman in Nick’s life, his baby sister Anna, is in the grip of a madman and even though he worries the same will happen to Scarlet, the two are helpless to fight the palpable chemistry between them.

Held is the definition of a page turner with a story that grips you by the throat and refuses to let go until the final page.

The good news: This is only book one in a thrilling upcoming series.

The bad news: You’ve gotta wait a few more weeks for book two!

What you need to do: Run out today and grab a copy of Held then smash the preorder for Hidden because you’ll need to find out how Anna’s story ends… and it certainly isn’t on the last page of Held!

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