Book Review! WAY OF THE WOLF: RETRIBUTION by: Rebecca Anne Stewart


My father is dead, and my need for vengeance fuels my every decision and every move. I may not have evidence to prove it, but I know who’s responsible and it’s only a matter of time before I bring them down. 

Roarke is now more determined than ever to prove his worth—not only as the alpha of our pack, but also as my mate. He made it clear our bond will be sealed on the next full moon, and my growing feelings for him make me realize there’s no fighting fate. 

But our pack is in danger, secrets start to surface, and loyalties are questioned. Nobody can be trusted, and it seems our enemies are closer than we thought. 

Now that I know my place in this world, there’s nothing I won’t do to keep my position in the pack and protect those who are under my care. Roarke and I might have gotten off to a rocky start, but soon everyone will know that together the alpha and I… 

We’re a force to be reckoned with.


Hello my lovelies! Today I have another book review for you. It’s kinda like Christmas came early, two kickass books in one week!

Way of the Wolf: Retribution is the second in The Wulversons series. If you want to check out my review of book one, Way of the Wolf: Ascension, hop on over here.

I am a huge fan of following a couple through their journey together. I adore epilogues (every book I ever write from here until my fingers fall off will ALWAYS have an epilogue. They are just required) and having the opportunity to pick back up with Cathwulf and Roarke made me giddy.

Unfortunately this isn’t a fluffy, fun HEA extension. There is drama, danger, and intrigue. Oh and a weeeeeeee bit of jealousy flares between Cathwulf and Roarke as a… slightly unstable member of the pack wedges between them.

This book is like an onion people, Ms. Stewart has created a million twists and turns with secrets that are peeled back layer by layer… and possibly evoking a few tears along the way. The suspense in Way of the Wolf: Retribution as Cathwulf seeks to bring justice to the one responsible for her father’s death with grip you by the throat and refuse to let go.

Just as with Way of the Wolf: Ascension, the chemistry between Cathwulf and Roarke is delicious and damn near palpable.

I was definitely left with a few questions in the end and highly suspect that this isn’t the last book for Cathwulf and Roarke.

If you are a fan of paranormal romance, check out Way of the Wolf: Retribution today, but keep in mind this is book two and you need to follow Cathwulf and Roarke from the beginning so start with Way of the Wolf: Ascension.

Where to find Way of the Wolf: Retribution