Book Review! WAY OF THE WOLF: ASCENSION by: Rebecca Anne Stewart


His eyes bored into mine, his voice a low growl with the sound of his wolf. “Are you pack, my female?”

I nodded once, pale green eyes meeting the glowing amber of mine, my own voice a growl, the wolf accepting her new position.

“I am pack.”


It has been a hot minute since I’ve had a paranormal romance to review much less a shifter romance! Now, I will be honest, I go into shifter romances with a bit of trepidation. They are either extremely well done or horrifically awful. There is no in between.

Thankfully Ms. Stewart’s release Way of the Wolf was firmly in the former category. As well as having a touch of “girl power” that I adore seeing in any book.

Cathwulf wants to be the beta in her pack. A leader to her people. A girl who sets her own rules and only mates with who she wants, when she wants.

I need to pause here and say that this is where I see the author doing something right. She shows an inner turmoil in Cathwulf between her human side (aka “skins”) and her Wulver clan. Her pack. Her family.

And her alpha Roarke.

But nothing is ever just as simple and as easy as boy meets girl. Even when the boy and girl are actually wolves.  Throw in a twist of fate that take her beloved parents out of the picture and throw her pack and her world into chaos and add in one feral, untamed wolf that has caught Cathwulf’s eye and you have a recipe for a fabulous novel.

I can’t close out this review without emphatically stating one thing: THIS ENDS IN A CLIFFHANGER! If y’all know anything about me you know that I am not a fan of surprise cliffhangers. But fear not, this is only book one in the series and there are sure to be more on the way to answer ALL THE QUESTIONS I have.

If you love paranormal shifter romances with a badass heroine and a love triangle twist, you need to grab a copy of Way of the Wolf: Ascension today!

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