A weekly addition to my little home in cyberspace is #WriteOnFriday. My chance to encourage all of the writers slogging along this journey to publication. No matter where you are on that road, you will inevitably hit a low point. We all do. Here’s a little pick-me-up from me to you… and now you can pass it along and encourage some of your friends with positive thoughts as well!

In case you had your head in the writerly Twitter sand, you know yesterday was #PitMad. More than thirty-six THOUSAND people were tweeting about it. Which is overwhelming and daunting and scary and just too much.

With that in mind… you might not have gotten any agent/editor love. You might have had repeated dinging from the alerts only to discover that a fellow writer (well-meaning though they may be) accidentally liked your tweet. And you know what?

It. Sucks.

Let’s be honest, the entire journey can suck. Writing is special and amazing and cathartic and a much more positive outlet for all those emotions than say slashing someone’s tires… um… just for example. It is the act of literally putting your heart onto a sheet of paper and sharing that gentle, fragile vessel with the world.

But it also sucks soooooo bad!

Getting the first draft down sucks because your characters can change every flipping thing on you and drive you insane. And you feel like you deserve a straight jacket and padded cell by the time you type “The End” because arguing with fictional people is NOT normal.

Editing sucks because it makes you feel worthless as a writer and a human. You catch every typo, word echo, and WTFable sentence structure known to man. And at at least one point you will be certain you were writing in your sleep and/or while drunk because coherent, it is not.

Querying sucks because who wants to be rejected? And who wants rejection to come through silence? Exactly no one. (Let us pause in the middle of this rant to say: AGENTS GET REJECTED TOO! When they are shopping manuscripts to publishers, they get shot down as much as writers do, so don’t feel like their life is a bed of roses. It ain’t. And they need to believe so strongly in your work that they fight day after day and face that rejection themselves.)

Self-publishing sucks because… book covers, editors, promotions, marketing, brand building… need I go on? Yeah, every bit of that is hard and expensive and draining. But each step is necessary.

Finally, even traditional publishing sucks. I am certain there are authors right now who are desperate for that contract and cackling maniacally at me saying they wished they had that kind of suckage in their lives. And I GET that because I do too. But then your baby, your heart, that very thing you poured your blood, sweat, and tears into is now out in the world. And the world is a cruel place. You will have someone review your book while PMSing at Christmas with their mother-in-law offering “helpful household tips” as she wanders their house with a white-gloved hand. What I’m saying is: they may not be kind. In fact, they may be hurtful. Let’s go a step farther and say they may be intentionally and maliciously cruel.

There is nothing about this journey that is 100% sunshine and roses and happiness. So you let yourself wallow in the disappointment for the briefest period, jam some chocolate down your throat, and brush off your ass before you get back on that horse.


Because if this is your passion then that is all that matters. Success will find you and you will feel complete.

Royal Treatment by: Leslie North

Royal Treatment is the second in the Royals of Danovar series, but easily a standalone. It was a super-fast read and I found myself shocked when I finished in less than two hours.

It was refreshing to read about a “spare” in line to the throne that didn’t bemoan their status or envy their sibling. Eric reveled in the freedom his title as second gave him and ran wildly with it. Right up until he no longer could and was tasked with trying to rectify the royal family’s image in the wake of a scandal of American proportions. I love that he went about this, not just by doing charity work or getting his face in the spotlight for donating boatloads of cash to some deserving, albeit politically correct organization, but by creating a healthcare bill that would impact the entire population. Enter Anna and her amazing research that has the potential to cure a common form of breast cancer and save millions of lives across the world while providing much needed positive attention to their small country.

The story was intriguing and the characters likable (and, let’s be honest, the sex steaming hot), but there were some editorial concerns that detracted a bit from my ability to lose myself in the work. Word echoes and head hops kept pulling me back to reality and making my fingers itch with a desire to correct. This made me about ten kinds of sad, because the story was one I would have loved to drown in and never come up until I was a big pile of mush from a brilliant happily-ever-after. I mean ending with a secret something is just… yep. The way to my heart.

Regardless of the technical issues, I would absolutely recommend Royal Treatment for a fun, quick, summer poolside read. What’s not to love about a scorching hot Prince and a nerdy, but lovable scientist who make absolute magic together between the sheets. Or on the pool table.


Who are you and why should I care?

Valid and reasonable questions. Well done, you.

Who am I? Well the simple answer is check the URL, (pen) name is right there!

But the more philosophical, deep, meaningful answer is that I’m just a girl, standing in front of the internet, asking them to pay attention to her. Yes, you will need to get used to the co-opting of movie quotes because that’s how I roll. I’m a reader who happens to write, a writer who happens to read, and a constant supplier of sarcastic comments. I adore romance and will forever believe in saccharine sweet happily ever afters with weddings, puppies, and occasionally babies. The world is too painful to make my fictional characters deal with reality.

I love the written word and, moreover, love fellow authors! I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people who weave beautiful stories with rich words. Thanks to some wonderful friends, I’ve gained knowledge that I am more than happy to pass on. We are all on this crazy, emotional, and sometimes painful journey toward publication together. This is why I offer lots of virtual cuddles, brownies, and sympathy as we face writer’s block, edits, rewrites, and rejections.

Teamwork makes the dream work, after all. (Yeah, I know, that was bad, even for me. I’ll stop.)

Most importantly, why should you care about any of this?

I’m one of many people in the race to get their book published and their name out there. But I’m humorous, slightly (read: very) self-deprecating, and occasionally throw out a nugget of wisdom that might be helpful. In addition to all of that awesome, I have an amazing little tribe of writerly friends who I shamelessly begged and pleaded to occasionally guest post and/or undergo grueling, detailed, very personal interviews. This means you will get to learn more about some fabulous writers and their upcoming or already released work. Honestly, this is simply a win/win for you.

So fasten your seatbelts, keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and enjoy the ride. Wait… does that sound dirty to anyone but me? Yes? Perfect.