From Maine with love

Since I was little (and I really do mean little, I started reading when I was three, not a flex, just my weird upbringing) I have been in love with the written word. My obsession with reading pretty quickly included one with writing, both the physical act and the creative one. Listen, I have been known to transcribe chunks of the encyclopedia by hand to help cement it in my memory for all the randoms facts I was trying to retain. Don’t judge my nerdy.

But back on topic, off and on as life has pulled me so deep into the real world that I didn’t have the capacity for any fictional ones, I still fed my love of reading, but neglected the writing side of things. Until I hit my thirties and not only tried the whole foray into writing thing again, but decided I wanted to actually try to get my words in front of eyes.

Fast forward through the rejections and revisions that all authors deal with and today I am able to proudly share my SECOND complete series with you with the release of Secretly Inn Love. I am beyond fortunate to have found amazing folks along that journey who have supported me through all nine of my book releases as well as held my hand as I made the decision to add “indie author” to my bio with this series (not to mention an awesome human who gifted me with the commissioned drawing of my characters in the header and fixed my cover designs), but I wanted to take a moment to make a different kind of shout out.

For everyone reading this post and who has read my book, I want to offer a word of appreciation. From my team of ARC readers who have been consistently generous with their time in reading and reviewing my books dating all the way back to 2019 when Meant to be Kept was released to those of you who took a chance on me by investing your money into buying my books and recommending them to friends. I can not thank you all enough. Your support means the world to me and hearing that you love my characters as much as I do never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

With every ounce of sincerity and love I want to wish you happy reading.