A new kind of review

I’ve done a lot of book reviews on this site (and there will be some more to come a bit more sporadically), but thanks to some of the awesome small businesses in Maine that have inspired the Inn Love Series, I have a whole new kind of review to bring to you. This week I’m going to share one of my favorite finds of 2021 with you, Maine Island Soap.

I am an admitted lover of all things that smell delectable, but one of my biggest weaknesses is all things bath related. So when I was writing about the fictional Willow Falls Inn, I wanted to make sure that they offered their guests the finest quality soaps for their stays and went in search of a small business in Maine that might give me inspiration to create the perfect indulgent setting.

In book three, Secretly Inn Love, Ryann’s love interest is a guest at their hotel so I definitely needed him to be just as intrigued by the inn as he is by the adorable youngest Alden sister. Part of that draw was the lemongrass soap provided by the inn for their guests. It was 100% inspired by the lemongrass scent that Maine Island Soap created and, because I am dedicated to providing the most authentic story as possible, I knew I had to do some hands on research. Which clearly meant I needed to snag my own bar.

My dear friends, this was one of the smartest writing related decisions I have ever made.

First of all, let me start with the outer packaging. I have ordered similar items such as bath bombs and shower steamers and have had them break in transit (which I’d like to say is something I completely understand because “handle with care” does not always mean that’s what happens) despite the shipper’s best efforts. Maine Island Soap does a fantastic job of packaging securely, but not making it too bulky. I wish I’d thought to snap a picture to share, but it completely slipped my mind in the excitement of getting this fabulous package.

The inner packaging was just as flawless. Each bar of soap comes in an adorable box with a cute sketch of a place I know I certainly want to live.

While all of that is wonderful, what you really want to know is, what does it smell like and how does it work. That part of the review could be a book in and of itself, but I will try to keep it brief. No promises!

When I first opened the soap I had braced myself to be hit with that almost sickening level of fragrance that comes from being packed up for a few days. That did not happen. While the aroma is clear and strong, it wasn’t so overpowering that it knocked me back on my feet.

But the thing I loved the most was that is wasn’t at all an artificial, manufactured scent. It was authentic and real and absolutely gave me an immediate sense of cleanliness and purity. While I had the soap in my car, it filled the entire space with a fresh smell that also managed to calm me.

As for the actual soap, uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. I can not express enough how soft and clean my skin felt after just one use. I could swear that at least three layers of stress, dirt, and the general ick your body accumulates during the day floated down the drain during my shower. I have very dry skin, but my lemongrass Maine Island Soap left me feeling just as refreshed as the scent had implied it would and seemed to be a cleanser and moisturizer all in one. My skin was smooth and glowing when I stepped out of the shower.

And because the fabulous folks at Maine Island Soap not only create brilliant products, but are also just amazing people, I am able to offer you guys all an exclusive discount just for my readers, subscribers, and social media followers. Head on over to maineislandsoap.com, load up that digital cart and use code: INNLOVE to get 10% off your order. You will not be disappointed in these beautiful, unique, and all around fantastic handcrafted items.