The Roller Coaster: An #IndieAugust Memoir

A dramatic title choice? Possibly, but I’m an author, what do you expect?

For anyone who doesn’t know, I started the professional portion of my writing career with small presses. I have been exceedingly fortunate to work with some fabulous companies as well as meet brilliant editors and fellow authors through that experience. I am so grateful that my journey started with people with years of publishing experience believing in me enough to offer me contracts.

Between 2019 and 2020 I released 6 titles through publishers which basically means a baptism by fire of anxiety, excitement, stress, and joy that is attached to sending a book baby out into the world. However, my dear friends, your girl was QUITE naive when she made the leap into the indie author world.

I could easily sit here and tell you that publishing your own books is a tiring, but rewarding journey. I could tell you that even though you may encounter some doubts, you’ll cherish every step. I could tell you that once you get to the birthday of your story and you share it with your friends, fans, and soon-to-be stans, you’ll never regret a moment.

I could tell you all of that because it’s true. I’ve loved navigating these new waters, but that is NOT the whole story.

I’m not a social media maven. I don’t post idyllic pictures of perfect meals and Pinterest worthy crafts with an inspiring hashtag. I am flawed and real. And suck at lying. I literally have the worst poker face which is one of the two main reasons I don’t play the game. The other being I don’t know how, but I digress.

Here’s some real talk, y’all. Self-publishing is HARD. Finding all the resources you need, funding the project, and making ALL THE DECISIONS is so stinking hard. I suck at making decisions on a good day (ask anyone who has gone out to eat with me) so not just making a single decision, but making ALL THE DECISIONS gave me hives.

Kindle Unlimited or wide distribution? What price point? How many rounds of editing? Which editor fits my needs best? DO I WANT GLOSSY OR MATTE FOR MY PAPERBACK???

It may be cliche, but a roller coaster is the most accurate description of the path to self-publishing. There are days you feel like you’re in a free fall with death (yes, I am being dramatic again) just a breath away and there are other days that you are sitting on top of a pinnacle with a gorgeous view of the landscape around you and a demigod like energy coursing through your veins. And then you’ll get hung up on uploading your manuscript with a glitch in the system and feel certain you’re dangling upside down in the middle of a corkscrew turn.

But also, just like those speeding bullets that seem to hurl you toward certain demise, when you reach the end of your indie journey and your book is out among the masses you are filled with excitement and gratitude that you’ve completed the thrill ride with all your limbs intact… even if you have a few more gray hairs.

And just in case you want to see what decisions I made (and judge them, naturally) check out my first self-publishing release, Truly Inn Love which releases tomorrow.


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