Lie by: Deana Birch ~ Romantic suspense book review

Piercing lies lead to brutal betrayals.

One bullet has taken everything from Anton Myers. Everything… His crew, his livelihood and any ounce of loyalty from his friends are all gone thanks to a tiny piece of lead. With no purpose and his mother pushing him into a lifestyle he never wanted, he’s the perfect storm of defiance and deceit.

Samantha Powers is a damn good liar. She can bend facts, sell half-truths, omit details and sugar-coat answers better than anyone in the city. She’s also the kind of woman who can motivate warriors to transcend into kings. And that’s exactly what she wants to do.

Their fast-paced relationship—fueled by raw lust and questionable motives—threatens Samantha’s credibility while Anton’s world crumbles around him. As an undeniable fact surfaces that could ruin them both, the only way out of their web of lies is a devastating truth.

Happy Wednesday, reading fam! Sadly my reading has taken a far back seat (like imagine the longest limo you’ve ever seen and my reading time has basically been in that back seat. Maybe the trunk), but for very good reasons I’ll be revealing shortly! That said, there are certain authors I always make time for and Deana Birch is high at the top of that list.

With that said, welcome to book three of the Covington Heights Crew series, Lie. I will say straight off the bat that technically every book in the series can be read as a standalone, however, for a full reading experience, I’d highly recommend starting with Escape, book one in the series, and reading through. You’ll get a clearer picture and deeper understanding of the character growth as they progress.

Lie is a long awaited book for me because this story is all about Anton, the enigmatic leader of the Covington Heights crew that we meet in book one and who, I will shamelessly admit, immediately grabbed my attention, even as a side character. Which, side note, is the hallmark of an excellent writer to snag a reader’s attention to a side character while not losing the pull of the main characters.

And Anton… oh Anton. This arrogant bastard has been, since book one, the mystery man I couldn’t ignore. While he comes across as a bit of an aloof asshole at times focused on money and women, there was always something about him that drew me in and made me want MORE so I was incredibly thankful when Lie was born.

Anton has had his worst nightmare come true. And I’m not talking about the fallout of a major coup among the gangs that happened at the end of book two, I’m talking about him living back at home with his mother. Yup. The stuff of misery. But moving into his mother’s home is the catalyst for Anton rubbing elbows with all the right people… one of whom is Samantha Powers.

Now, for me, I 100% see Samantha as the NYC version of Olivia Pope. She is a fixer. A manipulator. A major power player who works almost solely behind the scenes bending and twisting people and situations to what works best for her.

And how can you not love that kind of woman? We stan a strong, powerful queen.

All of this adds up to Samantha being the kryptonite Anton never dreamed could exist. She meets his… less than easy to handle attitude head-on and with an ease no one’s ever had. And winds up in his bed far faster than she ever expected. But their blink-of-the-eye level fast paced relationship is fueled by raw lust and an underlying, much more subtle respect neither is actually able to admit out loud.

Unfortunately there is a foe lurking in the darkness ready to undermine them. And, as a reader, you are left gripping onto the seat of your chair BY THE FINGERNAILS to see if they make it through the storm to find their happily ever after.

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