Embracing Today ~Book Review & Giveaway

Destiny Can’t Be Denied.
Some might call Bennett Brady a hero, but he was only doing his job. Fighting fires and rescuing people was dangerous, but that’s what he did and what he took pride in. He never failed to save the day, until the day he failed Marin Landry, and he failed her, huge. Someone she loved died in a fire Ben was called to, and he was unable to save him; his unit arrived too late to make a difference. His head reasoned that there wasn’t anything anyone could have done differently; the place lit up like a Roman candle.

Marin was lucky to be alive, but the loss left her broken, and something deep inside Ben yearned to save her. He wanted to take her pain away, to know her, to get closer; but she was too damaged. She was beautiful, sure, but this was much more than mere attraction.

From the moment he laid eyes on the injured young woman in the back of that ambulance, his fate was sealed. Her soul called out to his; her tear-filled eyes and the ache in her voice said she needed him, and he was moved to the core. This would not be a casual fling and that was the last thing Ben wanted it to be.

As he peeled back the layers and discovered the ugly truth, he wondered why Marin couldn’t seem to leave her past behind and embrace the new and better life he so desperately wanted to give her. A terrible tragedy may have thrown them together, but Ben is unable to walk away from Marin; even when she begs him to.
Whatever it takes, he won’t rest until convinces her she belongs in his arms. Forever.

It has been a hot minute since I’ve gotten a review in (and there are some VERY good reasons for that which I’ll hopefully be able to share with you soon), but I’m super excited to be able to share not only a book review with you all, but a special giveaway as well.

Before we dive in, I do want to throw up a small disclaimer. At the very onset of Embracing Today we are faced with domestic violence and a graphic depiction of a fire, death, and trauma. Please be aware of the contents if you have any sensitivities or triggers to any or all of these subjects.

Embracing Today is book three in the Trading Yesterdays series, however for me it was book one because I hadn’t had the privilege of reading this amazing series prior to Embracing Today. Despite that, I didn’t feel cheated or like I was missing any pieces. It functioned beautifully as a standalone, although I’ll admit I have every and all intentions of backtracking to read the earlier books in the series.

This story gripped me from the very first paragraph and did not let go. I was incredibly impressed with the rich description the author used in the opening scene to pull me right in. Although the opening was violent and graphic it was so well written I couldn’t help but enjoy the ride, even if it started as a bumpy one.

Marin has been through one tragedy and heartbreak after another which has ended in her building up walls the size of the Empire State Building around her heart to shield herself from any more pain. However, our girl has not counted on Ben walking into her burning business and life to chip away at every barricade she throws up.

We stan a gentle hero, amirite?

Ben is a classic and swoon worthy book boyfriend. He is patient and understanding as Marin struggles to rebuild her life and heal mentally and emotionally. He steps in to stop her from landing herself in bad situations that could end badly. And, most of all, he cherishes every step he takes with her on the journey to peace and happiness.

While Embracing Today begins with an immense amount of pain and turmoil, the ending gives the happy sigh you are looking for when you crack open a romance. And it has my favorite thing in the world, a sassy and sweet puppy as a sidekick. You’ll love Embracing Today and should grab your own copy.

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