Heart & Seek ~ A paranormal romance book review

Ruby Donovan is a lot of things—paramedic, single mom, Legacy witch. The one title she never wanted? Senate heir. But that’s exactly what she’ll become unless she can find a loophole fast. It’s just her luck that the man who steps in to help her is the one who crushed her heart so many years ago. There’s no way she’ll give him a second chance to do that.

Treasure hunter Diego Benitas has no interest in witch politics. But he does have a significant interest in Ruby. He always has. Keeping her safe and helping her find what she’s looking for shouldn’t be too hard. Convincing her to let him into her heart again? That might be the toughest assignment he’s ever faced.

It’s not long before Ruby and Diego realize how much danger their search has stirred up—and just how much they need each other. With enemies closing in from all sides, can they survive long enough to find their way to happily ever after? Or will the odds keep them apart forever?

Happy hump day! And also, HAPPY FRICKIN’ SPRING! I have been WAITING for this day to come and break the cold snap that February brought. Now that I’ve got a forecast with numbers in the seventies in it, I am taking my reading outside to soak up the sun I’ve so desperately missed. And the added hours of daylight.

What in the bloody blue blazes does any of that have to do with today’s book review? Well, listen, Ms. Joya is a Los Angeles resident who brings so much LA flavor and flare to her books that getting the opportunity to finally ready all the delicious words in the bright sunshine adds to my readerly joy.

I am an unabashed romance lover in basically every format, however I’ve had a lot of misses in the paranormal realm, but Ms. Joya is an author I count on to give the deep, meaningful romance, panty melting sexy scenes, and heart stopping suspense with an absolutely stellar thread of magic. With every story I am equal parts impressed and jealous at the seamless way Ms. Joya weaves in paranormal elements into a realistic love story.

As any one who had followed my reviews for a long time knows, I adore broken characters, especially broken boys. That is a facet of story building that Ms. Joya excels at and I always make sure I have lots of warm blankets and fresh brownies to cuddle her characters closely.

In this story ups the broken by giving us Ruby. Okay, so listen. Being a single mother and a paramedic makes me immediately want to give her a big hug, but then we add in a backstory that legitimately ripped my heart out and… yeah, I was baking Ruby a fresh batch of brownies.

And then… we have Diego. Now, straight from the cover I was 100% #TeamDiego. That man is basically the definition of my type. Okay, maybe not so much the questionable ethics involved in his treasure hunter lifestyle/career, but the whole tall, dark, and mysteriously charming bit? Sign this girl up.

One of my favorite parts of Diego, however, was unrelated to his looks or facial hair (which is shocking because this girl loves her a well groomed beard), but his absolute devotion to Ruby, his deep desire to have a second chance with the girl he still loves (and oh my GOSH am I a sucker for that second chance romance story!), and his willingness to lay his life on the line for Ruby or her precious little girl Rose. And Oh. Emm. Gee. Rose is one of the most brilliantly written children I have read in romance in a long time. She has a fabulously engaging personality and sucks you right in.

However, none of these are my favorite character in Heart & Seek. That spot is reserved for Fen and if you read this story and do not love the precious little floofy fluff that is Fen, we will need to have a strongly worded conversation.

As with every Luna Joya story, there are scorching hot sex scenes and grippingly suspenseful moments that will, both, have you clinging to the edge of your seat… uncomfortably.

Even if you’re not typically a paranormal romance lover, I’d strongly recommend discovering Ms. Joya’s The Legacy series. Every book is fabulous in its own right, but you need to read in order to fully immerse yourself in the depth of planning Ms. Joya has put into mapping out this thrilling and enticing series.

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