The Debt by: Amy Rose ~ Book Review

What do you do when you’re given away to someone you don’t know in payment of a debt?

Rebecca Kennedy always thought she had the perfect life. Growing up wealthy, she never had to do anything she didn’t want to, travelling the world as a successful art blogger, having complete freedom to make any decisions she wanted to. Until the night her parents made a decision that changed the course of her future forever.

Alexander Black enjoys the finer things in life, collectable antiques, private aeroplanes and never being told no. His empire is large, and his reach is long, known in the world he frequents as being powerful and frightening. When a debt is paid in something other than money, it changes the game.

Will these two manage to enter the murky waters of the new life they are entering and come out unscathed? Or will this change the both of them, forever? 

While this is a dark, suspenseful romance, I think a trigger/content warning might not be a bad thing because… our girl Rebecca is sold, let me repeat that for the kids in the back, she is SOLD to Alexander by her parents who have gotten so far in over their heads, I’m pretty sure they can’t truly see what a bad idea this is. Anyway, I do tend to go overboard in thinking stories need CW/TW, but a little note about this would definitely go a long way.

Maybe it’s my inner child who always related so hard core with Disney princesses and their either absentee or wicked parents, but I’ve always been a sucker for stories where the heroine has to make up for a mistake or intentional indiscretion. It’s especially rewarding when there is a small Cinderella thread included.

One thing I loved about The Debt is that Rebecca was NOT a simpering little princess who just caved and allowed Alexander to walk all over her. She was strong and put her foot down and made sure he knew when she was displeased.

And Alexander… I loved his character development the most. At times in dark romance, the author will make the male character such a jerk to fulfill the “dark” element in dark romance that it’s hard to connect to him or even tolerate. Alexander does NOT fall into this trap and is, in fact, a hero I was totally swooning over.

I was absolutely bowled over when The Debt took a turn I truly never saw coming and one I can’t even begin to hint at or you’ll lose the head cannon moment you deserve to experience while reading.

If you love forced relationship/reluctant relationship romances with dark twists and turns, you’d love The Debt by Amy Rose. Grab your copy today!

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