LOVE & OTHER DISASTERS by: Terri Jones ~ A RomCom Book Review

Violet Murphy has just landed herself in a world of trouble.

One minute she’s out on the town with her best friend, and the next, there’s a hot guy offering to buy her a drink. Normally, a man like that wouldn’t look her way. So…she panics. After a case of mistaken identity, a fake name, and way too much alcohol, Violet’s only hope of saving face is to never see his again.

Too bad life can’t be that easy.

J.P. Harper never expected to find himself down on his luck.

After all, he’s always been at the top of his game, saving struggling businesses and being paid well to do it. But when his latest project turns into a nightmare, one with a half-million dollars missing, it’s his reputation that’s at risk of going under. But a familiar face among the staff sends him back to that night he can’t forget. Is that the same woman? With his career and heart on the line, J.P. sets out for answers.

Can J.P. trust Violet and set aside that night to work together…or will their sparks ignite another disaster?

Lots of different factors can go into the decision to buy a book. Cover, blurb, authors or, in the case of Love & Other Disasters and me? Well, I’ll be real with you guys. Total nonsensical nostalgia. Once upon a time long, LONG ago and in a land not that far away, I had a boyfriend named JP and we had a long distance relationship. So when I stumbled upon Love & Other Disasters it was an easy grab for me based solely on the fact the leading man was named JP and he and Violet were in a long distance relationship.

So with that little bit of personal out of the way, let’s get into the book.

I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m not really confident in the definition of RomCom. Love & Other Disasters is listed as one (and let me interject right here that there were definite moments where I found myself chuckling) as have been some of my other recent reads, however parts of the storyline feel too heavy to be labeled RomCom to me. This is clearly a personal opinion thing, but when I see RomCom, what I want to see is light-hearted, airy, fun stories.

That said, Love & Other Disasters doesn’t diverge as far off my RomCom wish as many others have. The characters are so relatable and charming and I am a huge fan of the missed connection type of trope (is that a trope or have I created it solely as one in my own mind?) which is done so well here. Not only do Violet and JP reconnect, they manage to do so at a time where JP most needs the enigmatic, feisty woman in his life.

But, frankly, as much as I enjoyed Violet and JP, I was truly enthralled with the side characters. Violet’s BFF had, in my opinion, some of the most stellar lines of the book and I not only had an odd pull toward JP’s mother, but the familial connection shown with JP, his mother, and brother was realistic and well done.

Although, as I mentioned, the plot was a little heavier than I personally like in my RomComs, it was an easy read with what everyone knows is my favorite part… a great happily ever after.

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