Book Review! KILLING SONG by: Luna Joya

One more kill and she’s free. But only if she doesn’t fall in love first.

Love destroys. Zaida has lived by that motto for centuries as a siren and the faerie queen’s most lethal assassin. So keeping things strictly professional with the sexy human she’s working with on the FBI’s paranormal task force shouldn’t be a problem. Except it is.

Former Army Ranger Zimm isn’t a big fan of love either. Losing everything and everyone will do that to a guy. Keeping his hands off the badass, sword-happy siren who’s helping him track down a murderous demon should be easy. But it isn’t.

If Zaida and Zimm have any hope of claiming their happily ever after, they’ll have to catch a killer, outwit immortal royalty, and face off against an evil magical organization. And then there’s the little matter of the last hit the queen has ordered Zaida to carry out in exchange for her freedom. The target? Zimm.

Seems like everything’s about to get supernaturally complicated.

Happy hump day! I’ve been MIA for a few weeks thanks to a fabulous (please coat every syllable in the sarcasm it deserves while you’re reading this) turn of events with coworkers who seem to misunderstand the definition of “work.”

But there what a way to return to my book blogging than with a delicious paranormal romance, so let’s dive right in.

Killing Song is the third book in The Legacy series and, while I personally believe each book can function as a stand alone, I would definitely recommend starting with book one, Tides of Time to get the full scope of the world Ms. Joya has created. And because her words are just so frickin’ awesome, you should experience them all.

I have personally been super intrigued by Matthew (who shall, from this point forward be referred to by his nickname Zimm because I adore the alliteration aspect of Zimm and Zaida) and Zaida who were prominent side characters in the previous Legacy installment so I am thrilled to see them get their own story.

As with all of her works, Ms. Joya continues the lush world building and beautiful descriptions that immerse you so deeply in the sphere her characters live in you feel like you exist right along side them. I’ve never in my life been to California much less LA (total East Coast girl right here), but I felt as though I was THERE with her band of witchy women… and added siren.

Zaida is that siren, orphaned as a child and raised by a wicked fae who trained her to use her gifts to make her a nearly unstoppable assassin. I mean, the whole immortal thing definitely helps too. Now, even if we take the paranormal out of this, assassins aren’t really known for being warm and fuzzy and tend to keep emotions out of… well everything, but Zaida forms a bond with the witchy sisters (seriously, who wouldn’t? They are strong, fierce, and amazing) which brings me to possibly my FAVORITE part of this book, found family. In real life and in fiction I just adore the concept and practice of found family and I really love that it happened for Zaida. She is as devoted to the Donovan sisters as they are to her and I am here for it.

But back to the whole assassin thing, Zimm and Zaida are charged with investigating deaths that Zaida did NOT have anything to do with, however her skills as an assassin give her a deep insight into the evil forces leaving a string of bodies in their wake. They are part of a special task for that are not just investigating these mysterious deaths, but are set on taking down the wicked powerhouse behind it all.

I’ve found as I read series sometimes the compelling drive from book one falters as the series progresses, but Ms. Joya keeps the gripping suspense going and Killing Song is as unputdownable (my word, feel free to use it) as Tides of Time and Magic Touch. She makes her characters earn their happily ever afters, but rest assured there is one. And even though this is my third installment from Ms. Joya, she did manage to make me question that eventuality up until I finally got that happy sigh moment.

Even if you aren’t a huge paranormal fan, I would urge you to check out The Legacy series. All the books are beautifully crafted powerful storylines that beg to be devoured as quickly as possible.

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