Book Review! GRAVE FORTUNE by: Nancy E. Polin

Gifts are not always welcome…

The accident which claimed her husband’s life left Dana Chambers with a unique ability.

Gifts are not always beautiful…

A long ago promise puts Alex Kelly in the reluctant role of guide and protector.

Gifts cannot always been returned…

270 years of life is more than Joseph ever wanted, but the long road may have just become a bit more interesting.

For some gifts are destined to evolve…

Another Wednesday (or in this case Thursday by the time it goes live because I am a slacker) means another book review! If you are completely over my book gushing, I would DEFINITELY recommend moving right along because it is DEFINITELY happening in this particular review.

Let me start by saying that after reading Soul Reckoning, I have become a HUGE fan of Nancy E. Polin. Although I have said, and indeed do, love all romance genres. Seriously, there are very few romances I don’t devour easily (as long as we have clear and emphatic consent from all parties involved). That said, paranormal romance or PNR isn’t usually my go to. I’ll read it and I enjoy it, but the pragmatist inside of me can’t always suspend disbelief to lose myself in the words.

But basically anything that comes from Nancy Polin’s mind and fingertips completely changes that. As I mentioned in my previous review of Soul Reckoning, her writing not only appeases my inner editor by being technically spot on, but the rich and luscious descriptions are simply stunning. Her world building is so well done, you are completely immersed in her creation that walks the fine line between real life and paranormal. And it truly is a fine line for her because she makes the mystical, magical elements feel like they could truly happen.

To the point I might have been giving some people a side eye after reading, checking for signs of vampirical activity and wishing I had some V Guard on me.

Oh did I forget to mention that Grave Fortune features vamps? Why yes it does!

But first, let’s meet our starring characters. Alex basically won me over in just a few paragraphs. He is a little bit on the surly/grumpy side (I kinda dig grumpy leading men, not gonna lie) and with good reason. He carries a heavy weight of guilt and responsibility that isn’t 100% his to carry… but he is the type of man who just does.

And then we have Dana. Phew. Okay so like this woman has BEEN THROUGH it. I mean, honestly, it’s a little concerning how much poor Dana has to deal with. So first she lost her husband in a horrific car accident (and when we relive that experience through Dana’s dreams and memories it is a beautifully written tragedy I can’t even accurately describe) then she has some fallout from the accident itself. Something more than just the limp she walks with.

Our girl has some powers, folks. And she is this epic awesome heroine who uses her powers for good… even when they exhaust her. Like to pass out levels of tired that three pots of coffee can’t fix.

As I have now come to expect with Ms. Polin, there are some astounding and shocking twists and turns as well as gut clenching suspense that drives you to keep flipping pages long after your (my) bedtime because you just HAVE to know what’s next.

Reader warning: Grave Fortune has much more of a HFN ending than Soul Reckoning’s HEA so be prepared to not feel completely comfortable at the end of the read.

I can not possibly recommend not only Grave Fortune, but Nancy Polin as an author enough. After Soul Reckoning, I was a huge fan, but seeing the consistency in her works has sent me to stan status, folks. You need to get to know this author today.

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