Book Review! BROKEN WINGS (Storm Crows MC) by: Allegra Grey & Emily Sloan

A dark country road leads newly-graduated Ashlyn Davis to the site of a terrible accident and the side of a dying man. Braving a storm and her total lack of internet or emergency training, she stays with him until help arrives. Under the blood and broken bones, her rescue is hot as hell—and twice as forbidden. As the Vice President of the Storm Crows MC, Joker is danger personified, but Ash forges a friendship with him and finds the steadiness she desperately needs in the unlikeliest of places.

But the danger that nearly killed Joker is far from over, and Ash brings her own brand of trouble. Can their friendship ever become something more? Or will danger—or death—keep them apart?

Well hello and happy Wednesday y’all! Alright guys so I need to confess that I have been BEYOND gifted lately with some seriously epic reads. Truly. I am a voracious reader who simply adores the written word so much that I tend to fall in love pretty easily, but at times I find myself wandering and my brain unable to fully engage even though I am digging what I’m reading. Lately though? Yeah, not even CLOSE to being an issue. And my good fortune keeps right on rolling with this week, so let’s get into it.

Let me just begin the review by saying that I am not a huge MC romance fan. I love nearly every kind of romance, but when consent lines get blurred, I get grumpy and go into DNF land. This is something I’ve seen happen more than once with the MC trope. I like both parties to be all in and sometimes that doesn’t feel like it’s the case.

That said, I entered my read of Broken Wings with a modicum of hesitation which was totally wiped away by the first few pages. Not only was this a COMPLETELY different start than any MC books I’ve ever read before, but different than most romance novels period. The suspense and drive that you first experience on page three hits hard and doesn’t let go. As soon as Joker found himself in danger, I was holding my breath and didn’t release it until I hit the magical “The End.”

Joker finds himself summoned to the MC headquarters, but after being chased by an unknown (and I’d like to applaud Ms. Grey and Ms. Sloan for making me scared of an unknown… unknown straight away) his beloved bike spins out from underneath him and send his body careening into a ravine. He is certain this is his end and in a voice that I wound up falling in love with, he curses not the accident, but the fact his life would be over in a very anticlimactic way. Seriously, this is a thought that Joker has and it somehow made me giggle while my heart was racing and my stomach knotted in fear for him.

Enter our heroine! Ash is the kind of character I love just… so much. A tiny bit scatterbrained (she couldn’t give the 911 operator like… any help to find her and Joker short of “look for the white Miata”), but intelligent, a little sarcastic, and so, so easy to fall in love with.

Over their time together on the side of the road they forge a small bond that extends through Joker’s recovery. They had some precious moments and some funny moments. I love the way their relationship was built and it felt deep and real to me… which can be hard at times.

But… it isn’t that easy. Of course not! The danger that had forced Joker off the road that fateful night and began the entire avalanche that created their first meeting was still out there, still menacing, and still scary as H-E-double hockey sticks.

Broken Wings is an excellent choice for MC romance lovers, but also a fabulous story that will appeal to non MC fans, especially if you are into a good romantic suspense.

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