Book Review! THE MAGIC SERIES: BOX SET by: Coralie Moss

Visit Salt Spring Island in the Salish Sea, where caretakers of the apples of immortality are vanishing. The earth witch charged with protecting the orchards is on the cusp of losing her magic. And the druid investigating crimes of the magical kind is carrying deadly secrets.

Calliope Jones, novice witch and single mom, must protect her family while fulfilling the mission she never signed up for: to fix the system of magical replenishment that broke long before she was born.

But first she has to survive her Blood Ceremony and a night inside the persnickety Mother Tree; try to keep her sons–and their magic–from blowing up; and save Tanner Marechal from the annoyingly persistent hellion capable of breaking him completely.

Hello my lovelies! Once again I’ve managed to bring you a story (well, technically speaking, in this case storIES) that are completely unable to be classified.

I have to admit, though, I love when I can’t categorize a story into a single box. You’ll remember that a while ago I reviewed Magic Remembered by the exceptionally talented Coralie Moss, however I have been remiss in finishing the series because… well let’s be honest, sometimes life gets in the way of all the things you want to do.

Ms. Moss has recently (although not actually that recently when I look back, listen I am not a good judge of time here) released the entire Magic collection in boxed set form which is SUPER handy for me because I can just binge read. Which is exactly what I did. I’m not a huge TV watcher and am much more likely to binge read than binge watch. Not gonna lie, I am that much of a book nerd.

So why am I saying that this book is hard to classify when it’s listed as an urban fantasy? Well, folks, that’s because Ms. Moss is a much more complex author than that. The entire Magic series (except the bonus novella that comes with the box set which we will discuss later) follows Calliope Jones, a forty-one year old divorced mother to two boys. Something that is very relatable to many out there. Calliope has one thing some mothers, single or otherwise, wish they had: magic powers.

But it’s not that easy. It never really is, is it? I mean, if it was, what would be the point in one book, much less three (again, the novella is a twist, I’ll go over later)?

So our Calli is living her best life. She is working at a career she loves, raising her two boys to be good men, and occasionally scratching a certain itch with a magical hook-up app. Even when it means the massive package attached to said hook-up breaks the condom. No, for real guys, that happens.

But what makes the Magic series more than an urban fantasy about a woman rediscovering the magical powers she carries, is that it follows her as she navigates life. Although the mystical threads are strong and this story can easily satisfy urban fantasy lovers, I also feel like those who love a good women’s fiction would greatly enjoy seeing Calliope as she rediscovers the self she lost to a mentally and emotionally controlling/abusive man.

And then she cuts his hand off.

No, seriously, that happens too. It isn’t too big of a spoiler, but it CERTAINLY got my attention and made me cheer Calli on!

The Magic series has a depth and heart that would appeal to readers across a wide variety of genres as well as an engaging romantic thread between Calli and Tanner. I might be mildly biased since I have a Tanner of my own in my Meant To Be series, but I absolutely adore this man. He is supportive of Calli and helps her as they fight some nasty, dark entities, but he doesn’t push (well, not too much. He’s great, but he isn’t perfect. Who is?) and he doesn’t force her into the background because she’s a “little lady.” He sees her as a partner, friend, and then much more.

And if you like a little extra zest in your stories? Not only does Magic have that covered, but the bonus novella Magic Restrained is an absolutely indulgent addition. It follows one of the side characters from the three full length Magic stories, Maritza and her apprentice/significant other Alabastair. Their chemistry will fog up your ereader in all the best possible ways.

If you love real life issues coupled with a heavy dollop of magic that brings action and thrills with it, check out The Magic Series: Box Set. The best part of it all is that it’s free to read through Kindle Unlimited, so check it out today!

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