Book Review! OFF THE RECORD by: Skye McDonald


The steamy Nashville summer just got a lot hotter.

Nick Field’s motto is “live free.” The huge promotion he just got at work is great, but producing a pop star’s debut album isn’t going to change his life or anything. There’s always room for unwinding and having fun.

Mel Thomas works 24/7 as the media manager to America’s newest heartthrob. Building his image and writing her career make-or-break article are the stories of the summer. There’s no room to go off script.

Ten years ago, Nick and Mel were high school sweethearts. Reunited by chance, what should’ve been ancient history reignites into a passionate present. Too bad there’s no future in it.

Another Wednesday, another book review and this one is a scorcher! I don’t know where you are located, but for me, I am in the wintry northern part of the US that borders on the Midwest so I get all the chill from all directions. So a hot little read is exactly what the doctor orders for this time of year.

Off the Record is book 2 in the Anti-Belle series, but it can be read as a standalone if you haven’t get gotten your hands on book 1 (which I highly recommend you do, check out my review here). I am going to attempt (but I make no promises) to contain all my gushing in this review because… guys… Nick is literally everything.

Don’t believe me?

Listen, my man Nick has scruffy facial hair (and my love for facial hair is well known) and GLASSES (glasses are beyond sexy) and he plays music. Literally my catnip all rolled into a gorgeous, grumpy package. Yeah, I kinda like grumpy guys too. Don’t judge me.

Here’s the thing with Nick: Our man is living his best life, producing music, and living his dream complete with the snazzy sports car. That is right up until the company he works for lands a mega huge deal with the latest up-and-coming-reality-show-winner superstar. Should be the icing on his happy cake except this superstar has a girlfriend that Nick knows all too well.

His high school love.

Yeah, did the bottom of your gut fall out the way mine did? Totally warranted. Not only do Mel and Nick still obviously want each other, Nick is a bit of a softy under the gruff exterior and he is still madly in love with Mel.

Mel is… an enigma. To put it mildly. She makes bad decisions for all the right reasons, but even she can’t resist Nick for long and soon they find themselves wrapped up in a bit of a clandestine hook-up.

Don’t feel too bad for Mel’s superstar boyfriend. Just… trust me. There are REASONS. Ones I will not divulge because they are totally spoilers. Just trust me on this one people. REASONS!

As always from Ms. McDonald, there are absolutely page burning sex scenes that will manage to make you fall even harder for Nick. Like this boy has taking care of his woman on lock, let me tell you.

If you need some steamy sexy times to warm up your winter with all the feels and heartache and longing that can only come from Music City herself, grab a copy of Off the Record today!

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