So Christmas has passed for many who celebrate it and is yet to come for those who follow Orthodox traditions, but it’s hailed a return to reality for me. What better way to restart my book reviews than with a sweet little holiday novella?

If you know anything about me, I love the swoon worthy happily ever after that come along with romance, but I ESPECIALLY love epilogues that give us that extra little happy after the happily ever after.

So what I’m saying is: basically this book is made for me. Twin Bay Christmas: Finally Family follows all the complex and endearing characters we met in Held & Hidden and gives them a little extra holiday happy.

It starts with Scarlet and Nick from Held who are now happily living their power couple (I mean… mafia power couple but hey even monsters need a little love) complete with holiday festivities at a level Nick never realized he wanted, but absolutely did.

Then the adorably somehow still somewhat pure Tommy and Anna that we rooted for in both Held and Hidden get a wee surprise when all they wanted was a tree. I might’ve “awwwww”ed an embarrassing amount here.

Nataly and Gavin haven’t played huge roles in the previous Twin Bay stories, but they get a little dose of holiday joy in a rather heart wrenching way. And their story is coming soon!

Finally they all come together with Rico and Marianna in a heartwarming ending that you once never believed could happen.

If you need a little post holiday happy that’s a quick read, but sigh inducing nonetheless, check out Twin Bay Christmas: Finally Family today. If you haven’t read Held or Hidden, you need to start there to get the full impact of all the starry eyed joy.

Where to find Twin Bay Christmas: Finally Family