Book Review! PINKY PROMISES by: Deana Birch



When her long-distance teaching buddy goes on maternity leave, New York City native Leyla Harraq, temporarily transplants to a sleepy beach town on the West Coast to manage her friend’s Hot Yoga studio. But the yogini’s brash spunk leads to an immediate social gaffe when she insults her new landlord, carpenter Adam Fields, and must backpedal to save face.

Watching Adam wallow in solitary confinement after a brutal break-up will never do. Motivated by her own need for physical contact, Leyla happily offers herself as the perfect rebound. She’ll be gone in a couple of months, no one has to know, and she can wipe his ex right out of his mind… and body. After all, if anyone knows how to turn up the heat, it’s her.

But when the studio owner realizes she can’t return to teaching full-time and asks Leyla to stay, the fish-out-of-water must make a choice. Can she abandon her commitment-free lifestyle for small town drama and a chance at love with a hunky hammer wielding man?

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies! So this time of the year is… dramatic. Seriously. Family, holidays, stress, food (okay, yeah, that’s a pleasure, but waistline concerns… not so much), travel, money, and a million other things that just seem to compound themselves. Why, pray tell, do I bring all that ick up in a BOOK REVIEW? Well, darlings, that is because Pinky Promises is a light-hearted, but steamy read that is exactly what you need to distract you from… all that.

Our female lead is Leyla and she is an unabashed big city girl… brashy attitude and all. Deep down (sometimes way deep down) Leyla has a really good heart so when her yoga teaching bestie, who just so happens to live across the country, asks her to be the fill in yoga teacher at her studio while she is on maternity leave, Leyla immediately agrees. In truth, Leyla is having a few bumps in the city so the change of scenery would probably help as well.

Oh but there is one fabulous piece of scenery that Ms. Harraq did not count on and that’s Adam. Listen, folks, I would not mind having this sexy-as-Hades carpenter/landlord as part of my regularly scheduled eye candy. Leyla is beyond lucky.

Maybe not so lucky because the hunky Adam is taken. Insert massive groaning here. Yeah, I know.

But there is trouble in paradise for Adam when the sexy carpenter is left brokenhearted when he and his decade long girlfriend end their relationship. All the sads except…

Leyla is ready, willing, and able to mend Adam. At least temporarily because she’s going back to NYC as soon as Kara returns to the yoga mats after she recovers from childbirth, right?

Maybe things aren’t quite as simple as they seemed in Grover Beach for Leyla after all. Grab your own copy today!

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