Book Review! HEART OF THE STORM by: Gemma Snow


Cade and Sawyer might be Hollie’s biggest risk yet…

Ten years ago, Hollie Callihan left her best friends Cade Easton and Sawyer Matthews in the middle of the night for fear of breaking their hearts—and broke her own instead. She’s spent her whole life chasing adventures on distant shores, but spring floods in the Black Reef Mountains force Hollie, Region VIII FEMA Response Director, to return to Wolf Creek, the town where she left her heart in two.

Cade and Sawyer are now Wolf Creek’s chief of police and fire captain, Hollie’s first line of defense in emergency response…making them unavoidable. Her former friends are all grown up now and totally at odds since she left.

Hollie knows she should stay as far away from temptation as possible. After all, Wolf Creek is a temporary stop and there’s no place for the daydreams or nightly fantasies she has about Cade and Sawyer—the same ones she’s been having for the last ten long years.

But facing genuine destruction and danger alongside Cade and Sawyer helps Hollie learn that vulnerability and trust aren’t dirty words. If she’s brave enough to let Cade and Sawyer in on what had her running all those years ago, Hollie might just find that taking the biggest risk of her life leads to its biggest adventure—three hearts beating as one.


Yes, you are getting QUITE the influx of reviews from me this week. Don’t blame me, it isn’t my fault that I have a circle of brilliant writers around me releasing epic levels of awesome at the same time. Lucky you, you not only get tipped off to the decadent richness, but also get all my rambly and possibly nonsensical thoughts on them.

Today we have Heart of the Storm by a fellow Totally Bound author, Gemma Snow. Now let me preface this review by saying that Heart of the Storm is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Snow and it is the 4th in her Triple Diamond series so I am quite the perfect little guinea pig for whether or not this story would work as a standalone. And yes, folks, this very much works.

Heart of the Storm is a MFM menage/polyamory story which is kiiiiiiinda my catnip. I am all about all the love. Although this story starts out very much NOT in love.

Straight off the bat I fell madly in love with Sawyer. Not gonna lie, love me a tortured hero. Sawyer is a literal hero when he saves not only a little girl from a house fire at the opening of the story, but also her two kittens. Yeah… that was just… yeah.

Not to be outdone, his counterpart/rival/frienemy Cade is the sheriff of the town and a hero in his own right. Both men are as dedicated to the town they live in as the woman they both still love… a decade after she left them.

Now this, folks, is where it really tickles my fancy because not only am I a huge fan of polyamory stories, I am damn near giddy for second chance romances. Alllllllll my boxes got ticked here.

Cade and Sawyer spar in a way that has some friendly tones, but a lot of bite. Until Hollie shows back up in their small town and the bite turns into a brawl. We discover that the animosity between the men came from a whole boatload of misunderstanding that all stemmed from Hollie’s sudden departure when she turned eighteen. Each man outwardly blamed the other… but inwardly, I suspect, blamed themselves.

The only problem is that they are both very right and very wrong.

But once Hollie returns, the same chemistry between her and each man comes back as well, this time when they are all grown up. And they figure out an all grown up way to, at least temporarily, satiated their needs. All the dreams Hollie had played over and over in her head throughout the years she was gone finally came to life as both the men she loved worshipped her and her body.

Even though every second feels so right, she struggles with the fears that expressing her true desires will not only drive both men away for good, but turn her into a social pariah. Top all that off with the threat of a storm that could completely destroy the town and you have a tangled web that Ms. Snow does a lovely job of untangling to give a super swoon-worthy HEA.

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