Book Review! DEATH ON LINE ONE by: T.K. Barber


On a scale of one to dead, Stephanie’s date with the mysterious, uber-sexy Theo ends at a six–as in ‘feet under.’ 

She’s the country’s premiere online matchmaker, but Stephanie’s own love life is a disaster. So, when ‘Death’ phones her for a date, she knows her mom, a fading Hollywood starlet with bucket loads of free time, is taking yet another stab at her self-imposed spinster status. And the best way to get back at a meddling parent? Do the exact opposite of what her mom expects. Date on.

Greek primordial, Theo, is at breaking point. Loneliness and boredom are sorry bedfellows, and walking the newly departed to their final door drains him. Then he gets Stephanie’s soul call. He’s certain she’ll have good advice for him before her time is up, but . . . she wants a date?

What follows is nothing short of mythical.

Sizzling chemistry, near-miss accidents, soul-changing travel, a magical gown, and a wine bar full of secrets: god-powers are at work for Steph, but her death is inescapable, sending Theo into a downward spiral that threatens reality itself.

But Stephanie’s end is just the beginning . . . and it’ll be her job to prove . . .

It’s never too late for love.


Good Wednesday morning (yes, I know it is Thursday, bear with me) a frickin’ day late. Because that is just so on brand for me, why not?

Today’s, clearly late, book review is a paranormal romance by debut author T.K. Barber. This is a mega exciting review for me because I have been privileged enough to read a few of Ms. Barber’s works (pay attention to her for updates on all the MANY releases she has coming down the pike) and fall hopelessly in love with her poetic way of writing and fresh descriptions.

Death On Line One is a unique paranormal romance. Why unique? So many PNR’s I come across are centered on vampires, werewolves, shifters… you get my drift, you know what’s out there. And those are all PNR’s that I love, but I truly adore nothing more than a totally new take and that is what Death On Line One offers as a story inspired by Greek mythology.

Full disclaimer, I adore mythology. It is seriously an obsession of mine so I was beyond excited to read Death On Line One and Ms. Barber delivered in spades… even though we start with Steph who has nothing at all to do with mythology. She is just your basic girl with a complicated relationship with her mother (who doesn’t have that?) and a successful matchmaking service… despite the fact she herself may be considering the crazy cat lady lifestyle.

Until her phone rings.

She assumes the sexy voice on the other end is yet another set-up courtesy of her former starlet mother. Especially once he tells her that he is Death.

Wait… WHAT?

Yes, folks, Death (aka Theo) was calling and he wanted a date. Before you judge, let’s be honest, we’ve all had worse offers.

Their whirlwind—because time waits for no man, not even a Greek primordial—romance culminates in Steph’s demise, the real reason Death was calling her. But the love they found has offered a light. If Steph is willing, she can try to overcome three trials to find a happily ever after with Theo. One that will never end.

But she has to weigh that heavily in her own mind. Are the emotions following their one night together worth the heavy toll the trials will take on her? Can she trust in what she has found with Theo enough to withstand whatever is thrown at her?

That, my friends, you will need to read to find out for yourself.

If you like paranormal romances, you need to run, not walk to the nearest electronic device you have available and one-click Death On Line One NOW.

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