Book Review! THE STOLEN PAPYRUS by: Cate M. Turner

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Another Wednesday brings another book review from yours truly!

I am going to dive right in because this review has a lot of moving parts.

The Stolen Papyrus is an extremely hard to categorize book for me. The best way I can possibly describe it is The Mummy meets National Treasure.

Leila sets out on a VERY exciting archaeological dig and is practically giddy and completely in her element doing so. But nothing can be easy for too long, now can it?

Enter Xander, a British Egyptologist (and let me clarify a super important detail, Leila is half Egyptian so when my man Xander waltzes up in the dig with all his swagger and confident knowledge well…) and Leila’s nemesis.

The Stolen Papyrus has so many twists and turns I felt like I was on a roller coaster that was barreling through the sky at night because I had NO clue what could possibly come next.

A fair warning, there are many graphic scenes in this book featuring violence and well descripted battles. Possibly not for the faint at heart.

While there is a fabulous enemies-to-lovers romance thread throughout the book (and I am a sucker for a good “I hate you/I love you” romance) the much stronger story is the mysterious shroud surrounding the excavation and danger that Leila and Xander find themselves in over and over.

I was equally impressed with the personal growth that each of our main characters had throughout the story and seeing them find their paths, not only together, but individually.

Well… that is if they survive this dig…

Where to find The Stolen Papyrus