Book Review! FOREVER WITH YOU by: Jennifer Labelle


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Phew! This has been a CRAZY busy week for me on multiple levels, but as a true bookworm, I found my center with a delicious book, Forever With You.

Or, should I say, as centered as I can be considering the weight of this book. Holy moley, where to start?

Anyone who knows even the TINIEST bit about me knows that I have a super, ultra, mega soft spot in my heart for broken characters. Especially broken boys. They are one million percent my catnip. It almost feels like an understatement to call Toby broken. Like… this boy has been SHATTERED to the point his pain was damn near palpable. I can’t get into all the spoilery goodness here and tell you what that boy went through, but my heart just could not take the pain.

Did I mention that Toby is a tattoo artist? Yeah, because I needed the boy to be more attractive, he is a blanking artist and has tats. Basically he was built for me.

And I’d just like to mention that Toby… has a bit of a wild streak however if you can at all see what he’s been through and still be angry with him for maybe drinking too much and possibly sleeping with one or two (dozen) many girls, then you clearly do not understand him.

Oh, but this boy has met his match in Harlow. Both with a dark, painful past (yes, folks, Harlow is rocking her own brand of broken) and OH. MY. GOSH. When they connect the chemistry is instantaneous and off the flippin’ charts! These two could strike up a fire in the Antarctic. Steamy feels like too small of a word to encompass their passion and desire.

Granted when you’ve got someone like Toby who is hotter than Hades and in desperate need of being taken care of… can you really blame Harlow?

Yes, I realize I’ve made my Toby bias pretty obvious here. Moving on…

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