Book Review! A KNIGHT OF THE BLOOD by: Kenneth W. Barber



So we all know, romance is my catnip. My happy place. The way to my heart and soul.

But I do occasionally branch out. Admittedly, this is largely only for well-written stories with unique, fresh concepts and an author voice that makes me sit up and devour all the words. A Knight of the Blood is this type of book. It’s an Urban Fantasy by breakout author, Kenneth W. Barber.

We start out by meeting our main character, Griffin. He’s just your average guy, leading an average life. That is until an innocuous, regular day becomes both the best and one of his life. His father is murdered by a crazed beast that appears out of nowhere. A super random man (happy sigh, Asher) saves Griffin’s life from certain death at the claws of the same creature that took his father’s life. And Griffin begins to sense a change within himself. Abilities he never knew he could possess appear out of nowhere.

And his life spirals out of control in more ways than one.

Griffin is taken by Asher (along with some other chosen ones) to a facility where he is taught how to control and best use his powers. And also learn about the monsters, who are called the Bakkan, that killed his father and countless others. He discovers how these mutant murderers came to be and, more importantly, what he can do to stop them.

Griffin and the others who have all been assembled for specialized training form a unique bond thanks to the life altering gifts they’ve discovered they possess as well as the humanity saving purpose they all share.

As they embark on their journey to eradicate the world of the Bakkan monsters as well as their creator… well, things aren’t as they seem. We are given a traitor I personally never saw coming and a villain that… isn’t as evil as he once appeared.

A Knight of the Blood offers so many twists, turns, and WTFs that you can’t stop yourself from devouring every bit of it.

If you’re a fan of fast paced Urban Fantasy stories told with a distinct and unique author voice, you’ll love A Knight of the Blood.

Where to find A Knight of the Blood