Book Review! AUSTIN’S WARD by: Lynn Burke


With my own upcoming release it has been a hot minute since I’ve posted a review, but I’m back with TWO for you this week, so let’s get started with the first!

Austin’s Ward is the third book in the Devil’s Outlaws MC series, however it most definitely can be read as a standalone. I haven’t (yet) read books one and two, but I had no problem following most of the story.

I am gonna start with Cadence, even though the book is… well, named after Austin. HOWEVER first and foremost, I was super in love with Cadence right off the bat… because of her name. Yeah, I am that shallow, but Cadence is a total kickass name. Then I got to know her better and… yeah. She is a total spitfire and keeps Austin hella busy.

Why does she have to keep Austin busy you might ask? Well our little Cadence might have a bit of a history to go with her fiery ‘tude. She kinda slept with a senator and now is kinda on the run from people who want to kill her and she kinda wound up running to the Devil’s Outlaws for help.

Ya know, kinda.

Of course they have a code of ethics which means that once she is under their protection she is UNDER. THEIR. PROTECTION. Which brings us to why Austin is saddled with making sure Cadence stays, ya know, breathing and all. Something she risks often because she is a bit headstrong. Even though I found her a wee bit annoying at times with her recklessness, I seriously had to admire her character and strength.

What are my thoughts on Austin? Well, it’s pretty easy. He has a beard and we all know that in my opinion, bearded men can do no wrong.

If you enjoy darker romance with a classic, but ethical MC, you should grab a copy of Austin’s Ward. But don’t stop there, pick up all of the books in this series for a bad boy good time.

Get it today!