Release Day! LUCA’S LESSONS by: Deana Birch & ME!!!

Luca's Lessons (1)

Title: Luca’s Lessons

By: Deana Birch and Amelia Foster

Release Date: June 4, 2019

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

Genre: Adult Erotic Romance


An Italian Dom guides a Swiss banker through the world of BDSM and she threatens his most important rule.

Sparked by curiosity and drawn by need, Swiss banker Claire asks Italian businessman Luca to introduce her to the D/s lifestyle. He agrees, as long as she abides by his number one rule of not falling in love. The two then embark on a slow, complete and realistic path of liberating Claire’s true submissive nature.

But as their lessons progress, blurred lines morph into a child’s scribbled drawing when feelings creep into their playtime. And with new emotions bubbling under the surface, Luca questions Claire’s hard no. She calls “red” and walks away, leaving the Dom sure he’s lost the one sub who finally saw his true desire to be cared for.

Now, certain she’s broken his only rule and torn by thoughts of betraying her dead husband, Claire must decide between exploring the love she’s found or locking away her heart with the ghosts of her past.

Scene Excerpt:





The joints on the wooden door of Luca’s suite squeaked open and Claire slipped in. She pressed her lips tightly together. In her Burberry overcoat, black heels and with her hair in a well-groomed ponytail, she was impeccable.

“There was traffic.”

At least she’d acknowledged her tardiness. And in the six minutes she’d kept him waiting, he’d concocted the most perfect first lesson around her self-inflicted theme.

Luca tapped his fingers on the armrest of the leather sofa and grinned. “Last chance to back out, Ms. Favre.”

Her eyes widened at the name. “No, Mr. Bernardi. I’m ready to learn.”

Was that her attempt at sass? Tsk. Tsk.

“Sir,” he corrected with sternness. “In this room and wherever else I take you during your training, you will call me Sir.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her hands twisted just below the cinched belt of the taupe overcoat.

The desire to address her fidgeting was overpowered by the fact that she’d called him ‘Sir’ for the first time. His chest swelled. Had he known he’d been addicted to the sound of that word from her mouth, he would have sought her out sooner. But just as she’d helped him with the purchase of the club, this arrangement was serious. She wanted to train, was willing to devote herself to him. He had a responsibility to do it right.

Luca continued, “Good girl. And from here on out, when I want your eyes, I will ask for them. Do you understand,sotto?” Sotto? Surely, he’d meant ‘sub’. Had she endeared him so much that it warranted an Italian nickname?

Her gaze dropped to the floor and she said, “Yes, Sir.”

He needed to return to the basics. Formalities would bring him peace. “Brava. Claire, what do you say to me when I approach a limit and you think you need me to stop?”

“Yellow, Sir.”

“Yes.” Good. This was all good. “And what do you say to me when I’ve gone too far, and you absolutely need me to stop?”

“Red, Sir.”

Even better.

“Correct. I’m putting all my trust in you to use these words whenever you need to. All my trust. You hold the power. Can I trust you, sotto?”

She swallowed and licked her lips. Her surrender was enchanting. “Yes, Sir.”

“Take off your coat and dress and hang them in the closet. Put your shoes in there as well.” He stood and rolled his white sleeves. “When I walk into this room, you will already be here. You will kneel next to the bed and your eyes will remain on the ground. Show me how I will find you, sotto.” The Italian word for ‘bottom’ slipped off his tongue yet again before his mind could stop it. Apparently, the nickname was hers now.

In her assigned—and beyond pleasing—white lace bra and matching panties, Claire obeyed. Luca brought a hand to his cheek and rubbed his soft beard in circles. He smiled.

There she was, the beautiful, smart and successful Claire Favre, below him. He’d been right all those weeks ago when he’d seen her picture in the magazine. She was even more stunning on her knees.

“I read your email. Every word.” More than once. He might just do the same every night before bed for the rest of…her training. The rest of her training.

“Your limits are impressive and, I must admit, inspiring. I had a delectable first lesson planned for you.”

Her face pinched. Good. She’d caught the past tense.

He continued, “But it seems you had other plans. You thought I should wait.”

Luca stepped around his sub, trailing a finger on her bare shoulder as he went. Goosebumps peaked to life along her upper back.

“It is a pity, this foul habit of not being on time, making people wait.” He drew his hand back, but Claire stayed still. ”I do wonder why you would think your time is more important than mine. And now, my plans have been changed. Quite inconvenient.” He clicked his tongue.

Luca leaned down and took in her lovely light scent. In her ear, he whispered, “And I am quite disappointed. I’d been imagining for weeks the look on your face when I make you come the first time.”

She flinched, and Luca stood back up.

“Oh yes, sotto. Many weeks.” He sighed dramatically and crossed his arms. “But you decided to make me wait. You see all the power you hold?”

She stared at the ground and her chest stuttered on her inhale.

“I asked you a question. But today seems to be a day of firsts—the first lesson for you and the first time a sub has dared to be late for a first meeting with me. So, I shall commit another virgin act and repeat myself. Don’t get used to it.” He slowed his speech. “Do you see how your actions—your decisions—hold power?” He walked back in front of her.

“Yes,” she said in a meek voice.


Her blue beauties snapped up.

He corrected, “Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said with more strength.

Better. “You may return your gaze to the floor.” Luca checked his watch. He had only intended on spending an hour in the scene then however long she needed in aftercare. It was her first day. He reminded himself to be gentle. No ropes.

“I am a strong believer that the punishment should fit the crime. So yours should, too. You shall wait.”

Luca’s dress shoes scuffed over to the end of the large four-poster bed.


Claire did as she was told, keeping her eyes down. She was doing well. Very well.

“Lie down on your stomach in the middle of the bed and spread your legs. Put your arms overhead and cross your wrists.”

Again, his new sub followed his orders. He checked his watch and stood silent for three minutes.

When the needle ticked the final second, he sat down on the side of the bed.

“Close your eyes, sotto.” A rasp had taken over his stronger commanding voice and he reached to the curve at the base of her spine. He trailed his fingers along an aimless path on her soft, creamy skin.

His discovery continued, sometimes brushing over the hem of her underwear, but mostly central to the little dip in her back.

“Did you learn, in all your reading, that your orgasms now belong to me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her faint voice matched the quiet energy of the room.

Brava. You understand that there will be none without my express permission for the duration of our time together.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He ventured his fingers south and ran them up and down the outline of her white lace. The hint of heat between her legs called to his depths.

“This color is perfect for you, Cara. Always wear white unless I tell you otherwise.”

Claire wet her lips and said a breathy, “Yes, Sir.”

He touched her inner thigh and she whimpered. “Do you like my touch?”

“Yes, Sir.”



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