Book Review FAIRY TALE LIES by: DK Marie

This is another super exciting review for me to share with you guys! Although, as with everything this week, I am running a day behind. Seriously holiday weekends are great, but man do they throw me for a loop.

Can we just please start with this cover? Because yes, I very much DO judge a book by its cover and this one is STUNNING! Okay I might be mildly biased because men with facial hair is a BIG weakness of mine. And Jacob certainly fulfills that need for me.

That said… Jacob is basically a walking, talking fantasy all on his own. He has that incredibly enticing level of confidence just bordering on arrogance, but in a stupidly sexy way. Not only that, but he isn’t the typical romance story billionaire. He is a blue collar worker who actually put in the blood, sweat, and tears to create his dream career… and a nice bank account to go along with it. Something that may very well all be put in jeopardy when he is forced to work on a project with Greta at her father’s command. He had no idea that a short time before, Greta and Jacob had already met, in an incredibly intimate way.

Yep, that’s right folks, on a rainy summer day, Greta and Jacob hooked up when he knocked on the door of her mother’s home to deliver an ornate chandelier. An encounter that stuck with them both, even more so with Jacob because of the sting of presumed rejection he felt when Greta rushed away without giving him any hope for the future.

The chemistry between these two as they work alongside each other is just THROUGH THE ROOF and nearly palpable to the reader. Ms. Marie is incredibly gifted at bringing you into the scenes with them and making you feel their tension and longing. Her sensory details are on point and absolutely perfect.

For me, even more than their growth as a couple, seeing Greta grow into herself and her identity was a beautiful and charming trip to take with the characters.

Fairy Tale Lies is a salacious and endearing contemporary romance that you’ll easily devour and will be available for purchase on June 3!

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