Book Review! KING UNVEILED by: Taralynn Moore


It has been FAR too long since I’ve posted a book review, but writing, editing, and regular life have taken a toll lately, my lovelies. However, that dry spell absolutely has to end with the release of an incredibly special book.

KING: Unveiled is the debut release by a brilliant author Taralynn Moore. As soon as you begin flipping the pages of KING, you will realize something, Ms. Moore is a gifted author who weaves incredibly beautiful prose that are practically lyrical in their presentation.

As beautifully complex as the author herself, KING will appeal to both lovers of YA and NA (and if you’ve never noticed from my millions of hours of gushing, I adore NA) as it straddles the lines between the two. It also is far more than a tale of a love triangle romance between Bria, David, and Jon, but also a gripping tale of brotherly and self-sacrificing love between David and Jon. Connected at a soul deep level that transcends the bonds blood relation could supply.

However, my dear friends, there is another intriguing facet to KING, a thread of science fiction that is twisty and enticing. The “Unveiled” portion of the title is an understatement as our heroine Bria uncovers layer after layer of deceit, half-truths, and manipulations that have been put upon her and those she loves the most by her mother and Jon’s father. Her entire life that she once viewed through a simple lens has been orchestrated to fulfill plans that are bigger than she could have ever dreamed.

Ms. Moore does a fantastic job of drawing you into the deep emotions of the characters to the point you are as conflicted as they are about what the right choice is both from a relationship standpoint, and a life choice point of view. You will spend hours upon hours sucked into the world of KING and are guaranteed to have that lovely book hangover when you’re done.

Check out KING: Unveiled today!



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