Bonus Book Review! SHADOWY PINES by: LD Blakeley



So this week I’m taking a small break from my Women’s History Month theme and giving you a pleasure read review. And what a pleasure!

Shadowy Pines is a MM/Magical Realism/Paranormal Romance. A mouthful right? It is also a lot to live up to, but Ms. Blakeley manages to do just that and more in her delivery.

We meet our MC Finn at a point in his life where he is basically sick of the mundane routine of his life. From his job to his love life, it is all boring and leaves him wanting… more. A very vague more, but more nonetheless. So when his cousin dangles the carrot of helping out at the bookstore in Shadowy Pines, Finn seizes the opportunity for a much needed change of pace and location.

However the grass, as they say, is not always greener on the other side. It isn’t so much as the change that Finn is desperate for in Shadowy Pines is bad, so much as it is far more than dear Finn bargained for.

The sleepy Ontario town is home to Owen Sharpe and the chemistry between Owen and Finn is, literally, jolting. The bond between them clearly transcends a physical or emotional connection to be something much more… something indescribable.

Shadowy Pines contains several twists I didn’t see coming as well as a lovely addition of mythology not often seen, woven through Finn and Owen’s tale. It made my nerdy little heart skip several beats.

The ending to Shadowy Pines was a little more abrupt than I would have liked, but I am holding onto the hope that this means it is the beginning of a series where we can experience more with our witchy, magical characters.

If you enjoy hot and steamy paranormal romance with a thread of mystery that will keep you turning the pages, you should grab a copy of Shadowy Pines today!

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