Bonus Book Review! THE SONG BIRD by: Beth D. Carter


A small addition to my monthly book theme results in giving you guys TWO book reviews today instead of one! Check out my thoughts on fellow Evernight author Beth D. Carter’s MMF bisexual polyamory story The Song Bird.

I am truly a sucker for romance in (nearly) any form that gives me an HEA I can swoon over, but of course I have my favorite things (yes, you may start singing now) like steamy sex. And unconventional love interests. And a bit of a love/hate beginning. And a super strong female lead. And…

Okay. I’ll stop.

The Song Bird by Beth D. Carter hits nearly every note (pun completely intended) for me. We are introduced to the seemingly puritanical Avilon Chambert when she journeys from her home in New Orleans to the wild west of a small town just outside of San Francisco. When I say seemingly puritanical, you’ve gotta realize that Avilon arrived in Cali courtesy of… nuns. Yep.

But her reason for being here is on the complete opposite spectrum and our heroine starts off her story by auditioning to be a singer in a… shall we say house of ill repute? It’s a casino that also offers the gamblers a happy ending for the right price. Even though Avilon is leery, she auditions anyway because she has a bigger purpose than simply securing a job: she needs to find her sister who sent her a letter of distress six months earlier and hasn’t been heard from again.

She manages to get the job, but the pay isn’t what she expects. One song equals one answered question about her sister. Desperate to find all she can, she accepts the terms. What she doesn’t expect is for the owners of the establishment Jason and Eli, to require she move in and stay on the premises.

That shock is only increased when both men express an interest in her. She can’t fight her attraction, but the surprises keep on rolling for our little Avilon when she attempts to negotiate a slight change in working conditions for the girls that “live upstairs” and Eli will only agree if she makes an acquiescence as well… moving from the storeroom behind the stage and into the bedroom of the home next door. With Eli and Jason.

Each man introduces her to sexual intimacy separately, but when Jason’s life is threatened and Avilon chances upon the two men in a heated embrace, she realizes that it isn’t just her they are interested in, but each other.

After a significant misunderstanding, they find a measure of peace between the three of them both in and out of the bedroom and Avilon begins to fall for both men. But villainous outside forces that are behind Avilon’s sister’s disappearance as well as unexplained crimes happening in the town have their sites set on Eli, Jason, and Avilon and is set on destroying the happily ever after they once thought they’d found.

If you like unique historical romances heavy on the salacious side with a swoon worthy HEA and just a tinge of suspense and fear in the middle, you’d love The Song Bird by Beth D. Carter.

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