Book Review! THE HIDDEN LEGACY by: Christine Rees



One of the things that bothers me most (and, sadly, I’ve come across this in many stories) is that they start in the wrong place OR in a very boring place. Unfortunately when that happens, I almost immediately check out mentally/emotionally and it is hard for me to connect with the characters and their plight, whatever that may be.

The Hidden Legacy DOES NOT do this, folks. It starts out with immediate action in chapter one that grips you from the beginning. I loved experiencing that and it made me want to doggedly read on to the end despite closing lids at, oh, around 3am.

Nearly everyone has dreamed of having super powers at one point or another in their lives, but our leading lady Faye shows us that they aren’t always the “gifts” we are expecting. In fact, her power is a bit of a curse as she can see someone right at the moment of their death… yeah… kinda creepy. Let’s amplify that by realizing that Faye is a high school kid. I mean, come on, most (of the ones we meet in fiction, not hating on young whipper snappers here, let’s be clear) high school kids are overwhelmed when they can’t find the perfect pair of shoes, much less have a super human ability that makes them confront death on repeat.

And because that isn’t enough? Yeah, so our girl Faye has just moved to her grandmother’s house meaning new school, new kids… and ya know, that whole seeing nearly dead people thing is still happening amidst all of this. However in Faye’s case it turns out to be a gift because her new group of friends each have their own unique abilities and help Faye go from an, “OMG I am a freak” mentality to, “Hey, cool, these are my kind of people” way of thinking.

The Hidden Legacy is a unique YA Urban Fantasy novel that put me in mind of a bit of a mash-up between Supernatural and The Ghost Whisperer with a bit of the witty banter and sarcasm I loved from my favorite show, Gilmore Girls. Especially Alec, his sarcasm made me positively swoon.

Those who love superhero stories laced with real life drama, should check out The Hidden Legacy. Be warned, this is book one of a series, so don’t look for a mushy, gushy, everything/everyone is gonna live happily ever after type of ending. But don’t let that dissuade you, dive in and experience the start of The Hidden Legacy Series.