Book Review! LIE TO ME by: Christine Anna Kirchoff


Lie To Me is a YA Urban fantasy that contains some dark twists and turns you may never see coming.

I’ll admit that this was a new genre for me. I’ve read YA (and loved it) and I’ve read Urban Fantasy (and loved it), but I’ve never had the two mesh so this was an exploration for me!

Now, our MC Tevy… oh poor Tevy. Her creator was absolutely awful to her. There were multiple times as I was reading I stopped and thought, “Holy crap, how much more can this poor girl handle?” Her parents died tragically before the book begins, but it plays a HUGE factor in everything our Tevy goes through. It’s the inciting event for her PTSD diagnosis which leads to being admitted to a shady-as-hell mental institution and forced to undergo barbaric “therapeutic” treatments, abusive staff, and medicine that makes her zombie-fied. All because she claims to see angels battling in the sky.

Tevy, however, is so bright and clever she discovers the best way to escape the hell she lives in on a daily basis is to lie to all the medical professionals and assure them she no longer sees the angels that are still very present in her life.

But her release isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when she returns to her home to find her aunt has exorcised every remnant of her parents. From the furniture to their pictures, everything is gone. The only thing more devastating is the fact her best friend won’t acknowledge her existence.

Her biggest ally comes in the form of the awkward boy next door Dylan who has been rather socially ostracized himself, but remembers the kindness Tevy showed him before she was taken away and puts in the effort to renew their bond. Most importantly, he doesn’t make her feel crazy.

Lie To Me takes a million twists and turns that would easily make this a three thousand word review, but you really need to experience the unique tale of Tevy and the angels who chose her for yourself.