Book Review! APPETITES & VICES by: Felicia Grossman


Romance is my genre, full stop. I love nearly every sub genre of it, but historical romance is one I read with caution. There are many times it will fall either into the “so historical it lags” category or the “so modern it isn’t believable” side.

Appetites & Vices is NEITHER of these, folks. It is a charming, funny, sweet, and yet nail biting historical romance from an extremely talented #ownvoices author who took on some really tough topics, but handled them with truth laced with grace and tempered with humor.

Let’s start with Ursula because… trust me. Once you read this story you will understand that ALL THINGS JUST SHOULD START WITH URS! She is a bit of a pampered only child who her father indulges to an enviable degree and while this could result in a bratty adult, Urs, while tempermental at times, is a sharp and bright young woman who is determined to get what she wants out of life. That is to fit into society in a way that Jewish women aren’t afforded, i.e. without bias. Oh, and to marry her BFF Hugo.

I mean, she ideally would love to run her father’s empire too, but… well, we will get to that part later.

The way to satiate Urs’s first two desires? Well, folks, that would be John Thaddeus Truitt, Jay for short. Jay comes from a wealthy family, but eschews all the responsibility associated with the name and the money in favor of being the bad boy of his time, cavorting around Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia, and various other parts unknown, charming women and discovering new ways to stress out his parents.

Jay and Urs each need something. And they are the other’s perfect solution. When two clever, unique, and interesting characters put their heads together? Yeah, the  shenanigans (and poker games!) that ensue are utterly enthralling.

But can we discuss Jay for juuuuuuust one moment? Because this man is kinda incredible. He gives Urs a voice and power that is not usual for their time period simply because he knows she deserves it. He knows she is quick and clever and should have far more authority than is deemed acceptable by people of the era. For that, Mr. Jay Truitt deserves all the love. Well, that plus he is hot has Hades and knows his way around the bedroom. That is also an excellent selling point.

If you love historical romances, you need to read Appetites & Vices.

If you don’t like historical romances, you need to read Appetites & Vices.

If you believe in supporting #ownvoices authors, you need to read Appetites & Vices.

If you want to see diverse historical romances set anywhere other than London or New York, you need to read Appetites & Vices.

Basically if you are a human with a pulse you REALLY need to read Appetites & Vices. Check out the buy links below so you can!


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