Book Review! BRICK by: Jen Davis


I feel like I might begin to sound like a broken record, but I am just insanely fortunate to have my world lined with FABULOUS writers and I am super proud to call Ms. Davis one of them.

But let’s talk about Brick. Because I could. Allllllllll day. He is my favorite type of hero. A little morally gray (but when you find out the reason he is doing what he does your heart might shattered into a million pieces… or maybe that is just me) as the enforcer and go-to man for a seedy, underworld loan shark and a lot broken. I seriously have SUCH a thing for broken boys. Brick is MORE THAN welcome to come to my home for wayward fictional characters who need brownies, warm blanket, and cuddles.

He is also sexy as all get out which never hurts.

Who can possibly be worthy of helping to put this man back together? High school teacher and cancer survivor (oh and the sister of one of Brick’s coworkers at the construction site… because that isn’t awkward at all) Liv. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I was not Liv’s biggest fan at first. I am protective of broken boys like Brick and I got the vibe from her initially that she wanted to walk on the dangerous side as part of her “kicking cancer’s ass” bucket list. But I am super happy to report that Liv not only wanted much more than just a roll in the hay with Brick, but was willing to put herself in danger to keep him safe. That’s my kind of girl.

I adore stories of mutual salvation as opposed to a damsel in distress needing her knight (don’t get me wrong, I like me some silver plated heroes too!) to rescue her and Brick delivers that in spades. They are both willing to sacrifice so much for each other, you can’t help but root for them all the way.

And there is A LOT they need to be rooted through. There were numerous times I was nervous I wouldn’t see an HEA for the man I’d fallen in love with by page five. In the interest of keeping this spoiler free, I won’t delve too far into this, but Ms. Davis delivers a dark and bumpy ride for her characters and makes them work for their happy.

If you like misunderstood heroes and strong heroines with a hefty side dose of “what the heck are you going to put them through next???” in your life you need to RUN to Amazon and one click this now.