Book Review! THE CEO’S CHRISTMAS MANNY by: Angela McCallister


So I am *slightly* behind on posting a Christmas book review, but the holidays are a whirlwind so I am going to assume you will all forgive me and read this review anyway because this is a story you NEED to know about.

Nic is kind of everything I love in a man. He is decisive, bright, controlled… and in desperate need of someone to lighten him up. Let’s not forget the fact he is moderately broken (my absolutely favorite type of man) thanks to aloof and manipulative parents, but those two are TRULY not worth even discussing because it will just get me too mad. And there is plenty to gush about with Nic and Sasha.

Oh Sasha. He is so much of me it hurts. He takes on the responsibility of the world and leaves nothing for himself. He is happiest when those around him are happy. And he doesn’t at all feel like displaying anything other than a fun, playful demeanor is allowed. In his mind it isn’t okay to show the burdens and pain he is dealing with and, instead, he simply stuffs it all down and manages on his own. Even when it sends him to bed with a migraine.

Yeah, basically Nic and Sasha were meant to fulfill each other’s needs.

But, of course, just when things get so good my heart aches from the happiness of it all… the rug is pulled out from under your feet. I have to admit that when Sasha was brought to his knees by the pain and loss, I was right there with him. Nic had a deeeeeeeeeep pit to claw his way out of in my eyes.

Now, the question is… did he manage to do it?

Well, dear reader, you will just have to grab a copy for yourself to find out.