Book Review! TAKING CARE OF LEAH by: Charlotte Howard



A special thanks to Charlotte Howard for allowing me the privilege of reviewing her book baby. Taking Care of Leah is up for review this week and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys!! So let’s jump right in.


Leah has secrets. Some of them are pretty up front, crappy ex in her past, a crush on the handyman at the school she is teaching at, and a sister ready to give birth any day… and make Leah homeless. Ya know, no big deal.


Ty has a few things he is keeping on the DL too. His attraction to the newest teacher, however, is NOT one of them.


Layer by layer we unravel the scars left behind by Kyle, Leah’s awful ex and a less than idyllic adolescence that continues to haunt Ty.


Sadly both things threaten the blossoming future they are creating.


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