Book Review! HER MEN by: Sam Crescent


So excited to review HER MEN by one of my fellow Evernight authors Sam Crescent.

First, I have to say I have a HUGE diversity in the kinds of romance I read. I will gobble up nearly any subgenre of romance from a sweet contemporary to a tawdry BDSM menage and everything in between. I am basically the Lady Liberty of the romance world. Give me your swoony, sexy, or historic smut, yearning for… well, you get the picture. Basically I love love in any and every form. M/F, M/M, F/F, MMMMMMMMF (yeah, no seriously, that exists) you name it.

And I say all of that because HER MEN falls into a unique category. Often a menage story that features two men and one woman doesn’t have a lot of interaction between the men. HER MEN is not like that at all. There are some amazingly delicious scenes between Drake and James in addition to the scorching hot sex between James and Abby and Abby and Drake. Plus their threesome scenes are positively delightful.

Aside from the steamy sexy times, there are dark forces working behind the scenes to threaten the union the three have managed to find.

This was a quick and easy read that drew me in. James was a little hard to like at first, but Drake definitely has enough charm to cover them both. Abby finds her voice and strength through the love of two good men… but the question is, will the three of them be able to stand against those sent on destroying them?

Find out for yourself by grabbing this hot little read! Just the right dose of sexy times AND happy times when you need a fast fix.