Book Review! KINK AWARE by: Morticia Knight




I had the pleasure (and oh my gosh was this ever TRULY a pleasure) to review KINK AWARE by Morticia Knight. It was my first time with this author, but after this book it will NOT be my last. KINK AWARE is the 9th book in the Kiss of Leather series, but can easily be read as a standalone. I did not feel as though I was missing anything, but the little hints and nods at the previous stories (very specifically Liam and Neal’s story for me) have made me salivate to read the entire series. Something I guarantee I will binge read in the very near future. Perhaps to brighten the dark days January and February hold in the Pittsburgh region.


Now… I am at a loss as to where to begin my review. Cruella was such an intriguing and complex character. They have been through many things I can identify with personally and were discovering a side to themselves they’d never fully recognized before. Abusive asshole exes have a tendency to clip your wings, after all.


And Ray. OMG the super, amazing, swoon worthy Ray. His metamorphosis was something perhaps larger than Cruella’s as things he had once poo-pooed about his best friend’s lifestyle he learned to embrace from a side that surprised him. But his love for Cruella superseded all of his preconceived notions about how the BDSM world works and what his own tastes were.


The journey that unfolds between Cruella and Ray was hot as Hades, charmingly endearing, and extremely fulfilling. I also would like to congratulate the author on providing an absolutely beautiful view into the BDSM lifestyle, something that falls short in so many books. Although they are side characters in this story, Liam and Neal’s deep bond and connection absolutely broke me in the best possible way. When Liam’s anxiety flares, Neal handles in with compassion and grace rather than acting like the alpha asshole I, sadly, often see Dom’s portrayed as.


My only complaint is that it was over too soon! I could read about Cruella and Ray forever as their relationship grows. And now I am going to go add all the other Kiss of Leather books to my TBR for upcoming reviews.


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