Book Review! MAD FOR YOU IN MADRID by: Stacy Hoff


This review is a break from a stream of ARC’s I’ve had recently. I grabbed something new strictly as a pleasure read… and there was so much pleasure I just had to share with you guys!

I picked up Mad For You in Madrid at a friend’s recommendation and was not disappointed.

Lori is so relatable as the daughter of a powerful woman, struggling to find her own footing, her place, and her identity while growing up in the shadows of a true boss lady. I did appreciate the layers Ms. Hoff gave the bristly matriarch of Cayne Corporate Communications by showing throughout the book that the gruff exterior was far more of a defense mechanism and less of a reason to dislike her (fair warning, I grumped at her a lot though).

Enter the handsome and charming Daniel Vega. He not only manages to sweep Lori off her feet in Vegas, but then does a repeat performance in Madrid… only after his playboy brother (who I am not so secretly hoping gets his own book) Elias puts Lori in an impossible situation of playing his fake fiancée, however.

There is a surprise reunion that I will keep my lips zipped about because… hello, did you miss the surprise part? But it changes so much for Lori and provides her with the exact perspective she needs for a fourth quarter save (hey, I love football, sue me).

This was a lovely and easy read that I managed to devour over two lunch breaks at work. Okay… I may have gone slightly over, but I just had to get to the end! Check it out on Amazon and Goodreads!