Book Review! SLOWER by: Deana Birch


Opening the pages (well, digital pages, that is) of SLOWER was a super exciting moment for me. FASTER made me fall madly in love with Jake (but if we are being honest, who doesn’t?) and desperately wish I had legs, an ass, and a man like Lou. Not to mention the whole awesomely cool job in the entertainment industry and living in California thing. So to say that I was giddy to read more about their super hot sexy times and their adorable exploration into a real relationship is an understatement.


Because, yeah, there is ALWAYS a but and I don’t mean the envy inducing one that Louana sports.

Nope, this but comes from the author who decided that is wasn’t enough to just let Lou and Jake ride off into the sunset with hearts, sparkles, and insane amounts of sex. Nope, no, and HELL NO. Yeah Ms. Birch managed to throw roadblock after roadblock their way.

From career struggles for both that seeped into the fabric of their relationship to family issues and communication faux pas, Jake and Lou were given so many hills to climb and battles to fight. They both had to prove to one another time and again that they felt they were worth fighting for…

Or did they?

As much as I can talk about this book all day, I also have a motor mouth and would easily (and inadvertently) give all the spoilers and then find myself on the receiving end of a good, long French tirade by an angry author. So I shall just say this: everything you thought you knew about Jake and Lou from FASTER? Every single bit of that will be tested, twisted, and tried. But you have to grab your own copy of SLOWER to see if they manage to make it out on the other side.


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