Book Review! MAGIC REMEMBERED by: Coralie Moss


I had the pleasure of hosting the cover reveal, release blitz, AND having Coralie Moss as my very first author interview on this blog. With all that combined there is one SIGNIFICANT part missing… the actual review!

MAGIC REMEMBERED is the story of Calliope Jones, an earth witch on the cusp of something every human woman is either acquainted with or dreading (I, myself, being in the latter category) menopause. This season of her life, however, holds more power than any of her previous 41 years. It is the point at which she discovers someone she once loved and trusted had been draining her of her magic. It is where she meets an intriguing stranger that reignites more than just her supernatural abilities. And it is the time where she transitions into a fuller, richer, more authentic version of herself.


All of that is assuming she can manage to survive the Blood Ceremony, help her son contain his own magic, and protect the mysterious Tanner from the dark force he is battling.

No big deal, right?

Check out MAGIC REMEMBERED on Amazon and Goodreads to find out how our heroine fairs… but be warned this is only book one in the Calliope Jones Series. There are many more twists and turns coming your way when you reach The End.

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