Book Review! THE LISTS by: Meka James


Today’s book review is exceptionally exciting for me (and I basically function as an ADHD Tigger on crack so when I am exceptionally excited… well let’s just say watch out) on several levels.

First and foremost, it features my darling Malcolm Frankel in his leading role as my husband… errr… I mean Calida’s husband. Yeah. Her. Malcolm is special and amazing and precious and completely taken by me.

Second, it is an extension of the happily ever after Calida and Mal found in NOT BROKEN. Now if you’ve paid attention to my reviews AT ALL, I am a huge believer in the HEA. Not HFN, not a cliffhanger, a full on puppies-and-babies-and-rings-and-weddings level HEA. If you find yourself in a diabetic coma by the end add just a little more sweet and I might be happy. But getting a glimpse into the after of happily ever after warms the cockles of my disgustingly romantic heart.

Finally, this release marks the first book baby that I pushed my heart out to see come to fruition. At the end of NOT BROKEN I (rather shamelessly, I might add) begged and pleaded with Ms. James to take something she had teased about through NOT BROKEN – Calida and Mal’s kinky bucket list – and give a little more insight into what exactly that might entail. Because when you combine Mal and sex I am completely all in and need ALL the details. Out of the kindness of her fabulously wonderful smutty writing heart, she caved and now THE LISTS has been released. You are all very welcome. Because, trust me, you will be wanting to thank somebody for molten sex Ms. James weaves with such talent.

Now, you must get thee to Amazon and order THE LISTS for a fabulous read that is just the distraction needed from family and holidays and drama and stress. If you don’t already own a copy of NOT BROKEN, order one of those while you’re at it. You will NOT be disappointed.